Friday 15 December 2017

Blankets for My Boys

Hello!  I'd love to share with you some crocheted blankets that I have made for my sons this past few months.  

One in camouflage for my youngest son, 
and the other in chocolate chip/ oatmeal twill for my oldest son.  

When I was young I was given a crocheted blanket from my mother (as were my brothers) and I cherish it still!  
Thus far my boys are loving theirs and the blankets help to keep them warm during sleep and play!  

Do you have any such keepsakes?  
Do you still use yours if you do?  
I hate to just put things away and not use them.  They were created to be used, so used they are!  

I hope you are enjoying something to snuggle up with during the colder winter temperatures!  

Hope you have a wonderful day! 

1 comment:

Danielle Dunn said...

I just knew lil bro had to have camo!LOL