Wednesday 29 November 2017

A Love of Doilies

Hello!  How is your day?  
I'd love to share with you today some of the doilies that I've been making as of late.  
I enjoy the details and delicateness of doilies.  

The above doily I just finished for my mother-in-law as she loves big doilies and loves red.  
She likes the red/black combo but I was without black crochet thread so used a cream instead. 

This doily is called Romantic Moment
I found it in a Magazine for crocheting.  The above link is to Ravelry that if you would like to try it you easily can.  
If for some reason it won't come up...I can take a picture for you from my magazine.  

It was the biggest doily I have ever made, and it was quite a challenge as it got bigger.  I do love how it turned out, and I do hope that my mother-in-law enjoys it.  

I think I'd like to make another one of these, but all in white for my home.
Funny thing about making doilies...I'm not sure if I have more than one that I've kept for my home.  
I do have doilies I've found or have been given.  
I love them all! 

This doily is called Mini Cluster Doily.
It was fun to do this as there were a couple different variations I haven't tried yet. 

This doily is called Country Starlet.  
I didn't block it so it's not as pointed as it could be. 

It's so nice to work with the small yarn, but I think that tatting with the fine thread is out of my league. ~smiles~ 

I think doilies add a special feminine touch to our homes.  
A coziness and holiness that calls out...a lady lives here. 

I hope you have a wonderful day!  

Sharing with Raising Homemakers.


Danielle Dunn said...

They're pretty :) And I see all the hard work you put into them :)

Sarah said...

Your doilies are beautiful! I love crocheting doilies. During my teen years I crocheted several for my hope chest. I am so glad I did! They do add such sweetness to a home.

Maybe you have already visited this site, but if not I think you would like it! I am always inspired by Olga's lovely crochet designs. : )