Monday 3 July 2017

Time for Tea

Hello!  When do you like to take your tea?  

For me, I never have tea at the same time each day.  Some days I have it for breakfast, or in the morning while waiting for something in the kitchen (like bread rising as was the case today).  Sometimes I have tea in the mid-afternoon or late at night before bed.

Whenever one has tea, it is alway a treat and a comfort. 

I splurged and bought this delightful little tea infuser.  It has this sweet little tea cup to keep the chain from falling into the pot. 

Today I chose to have wild berry zinger tea for a change. I love the lovely colour it has.

I was given this wonderful serving tray and it definitely makes carrying things around easier. 

Today I didn't have to carry it far, just into the living room.  
I love how the light and pattern from the curtain is rejected in the tea.

So nice to sit and rest my feet, even though I had to gently push some lego trucks out of the way. :)  

I love these signs of life that my children leave here and there about our home.  Yes, they do get cleaned up by the end of the day.

With having tea it is always a delight when someone joins you.  Today one of my sons, and one of my daughters stopped their activities for a bit of tea with Mom.  

My son chose this lovely tea cup set and I missed taking a picture of my daughters mug.  

Thanks for dropping by!  Praying  you have a sweet day, and perhaps a spot of tea. 


Margie said...

What a lovely tea time. I love the pretty blue colour of your teapot and the teacup chain is adorable!

Danielle Dunn said...

It was nice I like having tea anytime. You'll have to get a pic of my horse mug ;) lol

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Haha - I loved the image of you pushing aside the lego trucks to enjoy your tea! I have switched off the caffeine machine so I'm only drinking decaf teas - not even decaf coffee. I brew a pot every morning to sip while I'm working (I work from home) and then if there is any left, I will ice it for a refreshing cup in the afternoon. Love that kettle of flowers too!