Monday 19 June 2017

Canning Organizing and Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Hello!  I'm sure many of you have been canning for awhile, but here, I'm just starting.  

First I needed to sort what I had.  The Lord has really blessed and I've been gifted with lots of canning goodies and I had them stashed all in a pile.  

So now all the jar lids, rings, and box sets are all sorted according to size.  Then I sorted all the jars into sets of quart, pint,  & half-pint. Someday I'd love to be able to have special storage containers for them...but that's just dreaming. 

While I was sorting my son was starting to cut up a bit of rhubarb.  

I was given one of these lifters, and after pulling it out and putting it together, I still like the old one that came in the one canner.  

Here's the water bath canner I was given.  I was so happy for this since I have just been using a stock pot, and this fits much more. 

Then my dear friend also gave me a pressure canner...oh was I excited about this!  I've never used one, and I need to get the gauge checked before using.  I have visions of canning lots in this!  

What a vintage gem! 

I love the dial on it. 

And then it also has this cool pressure regulator as well.  

First thing for me to can in the spring is jam; strawberry or rhubarb.  This year I decided to combine it and we made strawberry rhubarb jam.  Some of my family doesn't like rhubarb, but this jam has passed as delicious even with it in it. Yeah!  So with all the fruit I have now, I'm going to make more...just need more sugar.  I just used the recipe on the Bernardin powdered pectin leaflet. 

Thanks for dropping by!  

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Danielle Dunn said...

The jam did taste good even with the rhubarb in it lol.

God's Grace Overflows said...

Oh exciting! I love to can! We just started picking from our currant bushes, so I've been washing and piling in bags for the freezer until later this year. It's a bit hot to can right now. Strawberry rhubarb jam is so good. With the strawberries in it, it really does mask the rhubarb flavor.
Roxy using her pressure canner a lot. Quite frankly it scares me a bit. ;) So, when we cook in it or can, she mans the pot! Ha!
Have fun! Happy Summer!

Hugs, Amy

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

You were given a great stash of canning supplies, wow! What a blessing indeed! I can tell you, from my personal canning experience, that if you can get your hands on a simple book, the Ball Canning Book, it will tell you easily in simple steps all you need to know about canning and water baths, and many excellent recipes as well. I refer to this book every year when I can my vegetables. I've made two batches of strawberry jam using strawberries from my garden this year, which is very exciting! My family only likes strawberry jam so that is mostly what I make. No sense in making things if it won't get eaten, lol. Will look forward to hearing more about your canning adventures :)