Monday 5 June 2017

Odds and Ends of My Days

Hello!  I know I've been quiet a bit lately.  I find that there are so many little things that are keeping my occupied.  Lots of gardening and finishing up of lessons for the school year.  

My oldest graduated and a dear friend took some fun grad pictures for her.
It's nice to cherish these kinds of moments with photos.

I finally got to planting my garden.  I always soak my peas before putting them in the ground.  I love how the little air bubbles look on the peas. :)  

The leaves have taken so long to come out this spring.  It's been very cold, and I figure if they don't want to come out, then I had better wait with the other plants as well.  

The leaves have been growing bigger every day and the grass has finally started to green up nicely.  We've had a thunderstorm this week and that really helped things along. 

I treated myself to a sweet little tea infuser since one of mine broke.  I love the little tea cup that keeps the end from being pulled into the tea pot. 

I put out my plate border around my perennial bed.  There are delphiniums, and Shasta Daisies in there.  Oh, and a pretty fern weed that has pretty yellow flowers so I let it grow. ~smiles~

I love the smell of the fresh leaves when the sun is warm upon them.

A local beekeeper gave me some seeds to plant some flowers for the bees.  I love the beautiful little packets they came in. 

A lady gave us a sweet potted mum for watching her place while she was away.  I've just today planted it outside in hopes it'll continue to grow. 

With the rain comes lots of sweet water droplets on everything.  Oh the delicious smell after the rain!

Thanks for dropping by to see my odds and ends.  Praying you have a sweet day and enjoy the details! 

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Danielle Dunn said...

I love that last picture after the rain. :)