Monday 26 June 2017

Adventure Down A Gravel Road

Hello!  Today I'd like to take you for an adventure down a gravel road with me.  My family went for a drive down a gravel road and took lots of pictures of so many interesting things we saw. Pictures were taken by everyone. Too many to share, so I just picked a few.  

We saw this beautiful lake and as the clouds rolled in the sunlight came in bursts.  We threw rocks in and then went up a hill close by for a better view. 

We looked through the forest and saw lots of stumps with moss and lichens growing on them.

Lovely mountain views through the trees.

One great discovery of my children were some nooks and crannies in trees for birds to nest in. 

One tree was very old and tall.  There were many little hollows in it. 

I find these old trees fascinating for they have weathered so much, and are home still to many of God's creatures.

This tree has some new shoots growing out of it at it's base and once the tree has died up above, it'll have something new to take over.  

There were also many little hollows under the trees for squirrels and other critters to shelter in.

One interesting tree whose top had broken off was dead and a hold had been whittled into it.  

It was so round and the inside so smooth.  It was just in the right spot to be protected from some predators, but low enough for us to peek in.  We couldn't see anything for it went down quite a ways. 

Down by the river we were exploring were sweet little wolf tracks.  

The kids had fun following them...tracking them but not too far.  

There was a lovely stand of trees on one part of the road by the lake.  Underneath it was a wonderful patch of juniper bushes.  They were heavy with new growth and berries. 

The trees full of character were atop a hill with lots of moss covered forest behind them.

Beautiful little cranberry bushes flowering.  Promise of future berries to enjoy.

I'm not sure what kind of flower this is.  It grows all over in the mountains and is so very beautiful!  It has sweet little red dots on the petals. 

Interesting license and fungi were to be seen.

These bright yellow flowers captured our attention as they seemed to glow from the underbrush. 

The amazing Labrador Tea is in full bloom now.  The leaves from this plant make nice tea, and the flowers have a nice distinctive scent.  

The bluebells are just stunning as they hang in little clusters. 

The wild sweet peas are also blooming all over and the pink is so striking!  I used to have some in my garden that I had dug up and brought home.  But not in the home we now have.

I like to leave you with this peaceful scene from a campground along the river we found.  Such a wonderful way to end the day.  Thank you for coming along on this little adventure. 
God's creation is so magnificent and always leaves me in awe, and at peace.

Have you gone on any little adventures lately?  I'd love to hear about them.


Danielle Dunn said...

It was so pretty up there!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

My word, that is beautiful scenery you have! It reminds me very much of the Canadian Rockies that we got to see last year. The gorgeous turquoise color of the streams was always so amazing to see. I loved how your children got to share in taking the pictures, such a wonderful outing for the family! It is always so quiet and peaceful in the forest, and such contentment exists within all those who make their home there, making do with what they can find to live in. I enjoyed sharing in the beauty and adventure with you on this amazing gravel road drive :)