Monday 13 February 2017

From Sheep to Sweater

Hello!  Today I would like to share with you about a class that my children just went to.  A local lady came to share with our homeschoolers about wool and spinning.  She brought a sheepskin that is in the process of being treated/tanned.  She has cut a lot of the wool off of it, but some was there to let the children see how it is.

Below is the underside of the hide and it shows lots of the coloration that is taking place in the process.  This one is being treated with cheezewiz! Yes, you read that right.  You know the stuff you spread on celery, yup!  Where I grew up I learned that they used the animal's brain to treat the hide, but I guess now there are other options beside the chemical mixture you can buy.

So after learning about that part, she pulled out bunches of wonderful dyed wool.  She told the children all about the dying process that she uses.  She only uses plant based dyes, and often makes her own varieties.  The children each got to choose out a bunch of wool to use.

She showed them how the carders work and how the wool is placed on them. Then they each got a turn with the wool they'd chosen out.

She then brought out her spinner and showed and described to them each of the parts and how they worked.

She gave them a demonstration of it working and then brought them one at a time with their carded wool to have a turn.  Most of them couldn't do the wool and the treadle part at the same time.  It takes quite the coordination.  :)  Some had that machine going full tilt, and others could hardly get it going. The lady was so wonderful! She was so patient and gentle as she helped and corrected mistakes.  Soon all the wool was spun onto the bobbin. She took this home and was going to spin it with another yarn so that it was more usable and will be giving it to someone to make something with.  How exciting!

She brought one of her finished projects to share with the children.  It's a sweater and the children all thought it was wonderfully made.  It's so interesting how she has learned the old art of using the wool.  We in our society have lost that contact from this basic skill.   Something I'd love to be able to do someday...first I'd need to get the tools....and the sheep. :)

Thanks so much for dropping by!

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Danielle Dunn said...

that was lots of fun. :) Especially when we all got a chance to do it.

handmade by amalia said...

How wonderful to share traditional crafts with children. Some things must never be lost.