Monday 16 January 2017

Crockpot Baking

HI!  I'd love to share with you today all about my new adventure into baking in a crockpot.  

You see, my oven stopped working and so....I thought I'd try to find another way to compensate for it's loss.  The Lord has blessed us with a big crockpot and so it's been used much more this past while.  I mostly have used it for cooking roasts, beans, & chilli.  I like to make big batches of beans and freeze them in ready to use packages.

Now, we love to eat bread and I'm not a fan of store bought myself.  So, I looked it up on Pinterest (there are tons of recipes)  and I just printed off one that I knew I could manage.  Now with the crockpot it cooks from the bottom but not on the top.  So the loaf is nicely browned on the bottom and still light on top.  Most recipes call for broiling for a few minutes to brown it, but since I don't have that option we ate it just as is.  It's still very delicious!!!

One thing I'll do next time is to let it rise longer on the warm setting.  I kinda rushed it and it was very heavy.  So thus far I've made two loaves, one above and one shown below.

This one I had made the dough the day before and put in the fridge, then popped in the crockpot when I needed it.  Well a couple hours before I needed it.  The one thing that you have to remember with crockpots is to time things!  Definitely not as fast as the regular ovens.

Now my family wasn't wanting to miss out on sweet treats out of the oven either.  So we have tried brownies today and they were delicious!  Much softer in the inside than usual (sides and bottom were crispy), but that's ok.  They were all happy for the treat! :)  It tasted so good with a glass of cold milk and some apple slices.

I already have plenty of suggestions for what to make next.  Cinnamon buns, and cake are top on the list.  What would you make next?  The kids said cookies too...but I think I'll just make stove top ones, or fry them.  Have you ever had fried cookies?  They're yummy to!

Thanks for dropping by!  I pray you have a sweet day!

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Esther Asbury said...

I guess you don't realize how many things you can make in a crockpot till you have to! Never tried making baked goods in there, and I've never made fried cookies either.

Lisa Lara said...

Who knew you could make bread and brownies in a crockpot?!

God's Grace Overflows said...

Okay, I've heard of bread and brownies in the crock pot but not cinnamon rolls. I imagine they would taste great though. Now when frying cookies, what do you fry them in? I've never heard if a fried cookie. Very interesting.

Your bread does look yummy. Good job for trying a different baking method.

Hope you are staying warm and cozy this week!

Hugs my friend,

Danielle Dunn said...

Well the bread tasted really good but I think I liked the brownies better lol!!!