Monday 16 January 2017

Airing Out Blankets

Hello! We've been having a beautiful chinook here in the Yukon and the temperatures have risen to just above freezing.  We've had windows and doors open to refresh the house.  Added to this my girls have helped me to hang out the blankets to air on the clothesline as well.  Washing sheets at the same time...but those I'll dry in the dryer since....well it's not going to happen too fast on the line.  

It's so wonderful to  have fresh smelling bedding in the middle of the winter.  
Do you do this?
We have another three-four months of winter left so when the chinooks come through we thoroughly enjoy them! 

Above are the blankets from my girls beds...ones that they've made and the orange one in the middle that was a gift.  

Below are the quilts that I made for my boys beds.  The wind has ben blowing so hard that it's squished up the one on the right.  

Sometimes the wind gets to gusting so much that it's shaking the house and the bird feeders are blowing around so much that the birds don't bother trying to eat out of them. :)

The bird feeders are just made out of empty apple juice containers, and the seeds get spilled on the ground where the birds are enjoying them.  

It should be nice and fresh to crawl into bed tonight, and I'm praying it'll give them a better sleep.  

Thank you so much for dropping by and seeing part of our homemaking life.  Praying you have a beautiful day!

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