Wednesday 9 November 2016

Snow Family

Hello! :)  Today I have a fun snow family to share with you.  My children and I went out and made a few snowmen, one for each member of the family and our dog. The Lord is so good, and the snow was just perfect for this activity.

We decided to put them in a row along the circular drive area to welcome anyone who comes to our place.  Everyone helped roll the snowballs, then one of my sons helped find all the sticks for arms.  The girls put the faces on with pieces of gravel and spruce cones for noses, and spruce needles for eyelashes for the girls. Then we all put the hats and scarves on our snow people.  Oh, and the leash for the dog. :)

We haven't gotten that much snow yet, and it's been so warm that it settles and melts.  This morning after the warmth of yesterday everything has frozen to a nice slipperiness.

Praying you all have a beautiful day!  Leaving you with a picture of the sun setting across the river.

Sharing with The Art of Homemaking Monday.


Esther Asbury said...

You live in such a beautiful!! Love the snowmen -- how fun to add one for the dog too - sounds like something my family would do! :)

God's Grace Overflows said...

You have snow?! Wow! It just looks so peaceful! I love your snowman family and the dog is a great addition! Love it!
Enjoy your week Jennifer!
Hugs, Amy

Danielle Dunn said...

It was fun making the snowmen, and the dog. :) Sophie wasn't too impressed lol. The sunset was so pretty. :)