Wednesday 26 October 2016

Mini Bean Shawl

Hello!  I have a sweet two tone pink shawl to share with you.  It started out as a baby blanket, but it was too long so I made it into a shawl.  I must say that I love these pinks together and I used the mini bean stitch I learned from Hopeful Honey crocheting.

It's a fun easy stitch, and I thought it looked great in the little rows.  I was talking to the Lord about it, not sure who to gift it to, and he brought a name to mind.  So it's off to a new home soon. :)

Thanks for dropping by!  Praying you have a beautiful day!

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living from glory to glory said...

Hello Friend, I must say that years ago I had a cape my mother made me and I think I had a shawl also.I loved it wish I still had it! But a shawl is so elegant and really very cozy! I think a light color one like a cream color would be nice to take to church. You are very talented!
Blessings, Roxy

God's Grace Overflows said...

Hello Jennifer! What a pretty shawl and I love the colors. With all boys in the house, it's sure nice to have pretty pink things around.
You are indeed very talented. So far I can crochet dish clothes, scarves and those fluffy scarves. I'm still learning. I think while I'm out tomorrow I might pick up some more dish cloth yarn...
Have a wonderful week!
Hugs, Amy

Danielle Dunn said...

The new home it went to suited it and the person who has it will forever cherish it. :) I liked the colours a lot. ;)