Monday 26 September 2016

Applesauce Making Time

Hello!  Do you love applesauce?  I sure do, and so does my whole family.  We go through a lot of this stuff, but we don't enjoy the commercial store bought stuff.  SO.....we make our own.  Above is the second day of applesauce making.  First day we did 14 quarts and 12pints.   
Seems like a lot, but when our family can polish off a quart jar in one sitting (there are 6 of us) then we need lots.  

Below you can see one set of apples.  Six bags from the bulk bins at the store.  I had my son climbing along the box so that he could pass us the biggest apples he could find. :)  If you think that was strange, we weren't the only ones. hehehe
All in total, we did just under 100 lbs this year. How I dream of having our own apple trees some day. 

The first batch of applesauce we made with my parents who were visiting. She had one of those wonderful sieve machines and so it went so much faster.  We cut up the apples and removed the seeds, cooked them down and put them through the machine.  Our came wonderful smooth applesauce and we mixed in some cinnamon.  Yes, no sugar in ours.  The apples are sweet enough. 

Below is a picture of my Mom's machine.  It was from her parents and I love that it has history to it.
Now I have my husband looking for one for me for next year. :)  We made cranberry sauce with it earlier and it sure saved on the arms working the berries through a regular sieve.

Do you love applesauce?  How do you make yours?  Mine us usually lumpy but works great in pie, crisps, oatmeal and just eating.  Well, I think my family would eat it anyway it was served. :)

Thanks for dropping by!  Praying you have a great fall day!

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living from glory to glory said...

Well Hello There, Gosh your applesauce makes my mouth water!!!
I know what you mean about how much better homemade taste compared to the store stuff. Yes, I also wish I had an apple orchard on our place so I could pick them and share some with others.
We made some strawberry freezer jam yesterday and I put some corn back after cutting it off the cob. Well, I think I make my applesauce very much the same as you do. I do like mine a bit sweet. I think it helps me feel like it is a desert. I do hope you are all doing well, I sure enjoy and appreciate your home loving things you make and share.
Thinking of you!
Hugs, Roxy

*Vicki* said...

Oh how delicious!! I love homemade applesauce!! :) Yes please...would love to take a jar of that!! LOL!! Hope you're doing well! Sending hugs

Danielle Dunn said...

I love applesauce. IT was fun making it to. :)