Monday 22 August 2016

My Medicine Chest

Hello!  Well, earlier I shared my pantry, and now I'm sharing my medicine cupboard.  I have been working little by little to change what is in here.  I used to just go to the store and buy whatever the pharmacist recommended, but now I pay a lot more attention to what I use to help my family in their illness.  Thankfully there isn't as much illness as there used to be.  

So I'd like to share with you some of the things that I've been using.  First off, I used to buy TUMS and then found this Zinc lozenge that works just as well.  So I have the TUMS in the cupboard, just because they're still good and I'll use them when I run out of the zinc.  

I've also been learning about the bodies PH and have been monitoring my own.  I was given this ph test kit to see where our water was on the ph level.  Turns out our water is great, that's a comfort!


The next thing we changed was to pick a better brand for vitamins for our kids.  We use them to, for just an extra boost.  The best way to get your vitamins is from real food though.  My kids love the Yummy Bears and that's a bonus since they hated the Walmart brand little doggie vitamins.

Then we switched our cough syrup to this brand.  It's a homeopathic one, and it works so  much better on my family.  The great thing is that it also has an adult version (which is harder to find, so I just remember the dosing for it and we all just use this one).  That is one thing I learned about reading the labels, and knowing what is in things.  

Then I have been learning about Hyland's phosphates and I have found them to be immensely helpful!  I am not a medication kind of woman and these are natural and actually work! I still don't have all of the #'d ones, but as able we are building up our stash.  My family is electro sensitive (which just means we are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation aka electricity, cell phones, microwaves.etc....) We started using the biochemic phosphates and they help build up the protective layer over your nerves that protects them against...electricity and other dangers.  The latest one that I got was the #2, Calcium Phosphates, and this has helped immensely with my son's growing pains.  He asks for them all the time because without them he can be in some serious pain! especially at night. 

Now this is something that I was super excited to discover!!!!  Up here in the Yukon during the winter it's well....pretty dark most of the time.  Therefore vitamin D supplements is a must.  There are lots of ones to choose from but these natural ones are in dissolvable tablets, and they don't have any nasty flavours added to them.  The kids take them easily and I don't have to be concerned about them hiding them from me!  Yes, in the past I've found hidden vitamins in strange places.

I have also been learning about the wonderful world of essential oils.  No I don't follow a "brand", but I use what is available to me.  I have been given some testers of some essential oils as new ones were gotten at the store.  (better me than the trash!)  

Then I have the benefit of a local store called Aroma Borealis.  The owner is a herbalist and makes her own essential oils that she sells in her store.  (disclaimer...I don't agree with everything she sells in her store if you look her up, but it is a good source of real essential oils)  I had asked about the Thieves essential oil that I had seen on online companies sites....then she came out with her own.  I was very happy and love to use it!  

With essential oils I'm always learning and acquiring more as I'm able.   The Lord has been good and we have a nice selection of the ones that we use regularly, and a few that we have for special things.  

I love using Lavender the most and then of course eucalyptus and peppermint.  The last one I got was the Rosewood, and I love the smell!  I use it a lot in my bathroom actually.  I just put a couple drops now and then in some epsom salts on my window ledge and when the window is open it seems to send the fragrance through the room.  But putting a couple drops in the wet shower also makes it smell nice.  I use a mix of Lavender and Rosemary to scent the bedsheets and to dispel odors in the hallways.  My girls love to use the orange to scent their homemade deodorant.  

I'd love to hear how you use your essential oils!

Now here is some children's allergy medicine. I try not to use it much, but have it on hand for when a food allergy occurs.  I have had to use it for when I became sensitive to nuts, and for mangos.  My throat swells fast, and this is the only thing that works fast enough.  My daughter has the same reaction with nuts, so this is good to have around. :)  Now we know to avoid those foods, but for times when we miss something or if something new happens we have this to go to.  I know epi pens are great, but they are super expensive and don't have a long shelf life.   

Lastly I have my fever pamphlet that I was given when I was pregnant with my first years ago.  It's been great to let me know what the parameters are, especially when it's the middle of the night and I'm not thinking as clearly. :)  I now have a couple digital thermometers, but also have my old trusty one as well. 

Well, thank you for checking out my medicine cupboard.  I have some basic first aid things in there (but most are in a basket in my bathroom).  Lots of bandaids ( I like the elastoplast since they seem to last the best even when wet.)  Then I make my own salve now and use the old containers that I got comphrey salve in from Aroma Borealis.  It's a blessing to have been able to learn how to make salve.

What kinds of things do you like to have in your medicine cupboard?

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Esther Asbury said...

You're post caught my eye because I just got my first set of essential oils (from Eden's Garden - on-line) and have been using them for digestive problems and a toe nail fungus. The Tea Tree has already (in 2 weeks time) started working on my toes and the digestive blend I bought has also helped. One of my favorites is peppermint - good for so many things, and I love the smell! I like the blends they sell as it cuts down on having to buy so many singles to get the same effect.
I'm using mine as roll-ons right now, but I have a diffuser ordered and on the way!

God's Grace Overflows said...

It looks as though you have everything you need in your medicine cabinet! Its so nice to have lots on hand. I use essential oils and I use them daily. If I'm not diffusing them, I rub them on. I use lavender on burns, bug bites, scraps, for perfume, in my deodorant... I also use wintergreen a lot. Its perfect for aches and pains. Peppermint is great for migraine relief...I also use them in my homemade salves as well.
Another great homemade remedy is elderberry syrup. I make it every Fall as flu and cold season arrives and it lasts 6 months in the fridge. :)
I'll have to look into the calcium phosphate for my son, he's been having a lot of leg pain...we think its growing pains but he's also had a lot of drama in his left leg, so anything helps. We have him on calcium and D3 now.
Loved your pantry too! I have some things in glass jars...;) I just made a small batch of plum jelly today. I ran out of canning lids...oh well...once I get to the store, I'll be canning some more!
Have a great week!
Blessings, Amy

God's Grace Overflows said...

Trauma to his left leg, not drama. Darn these phones! ;)