Thursday 19 May 2016

Simply Blessed

Above is a card that my daughter made for me for mother's day this year.  She used a velum sentiment sheet and placed it over some gentle papers with a touch of distressing.  Then added some sweet paper flowers and pearls.

I've been thinking a lot about the word blessed lately.  How by the world's standards I have not much, but by God's standards I am rich.

I am blessed to have been saved by a gracious merciful God!  Through repentance and faith I was drawn to the Saviour Christ Jesus the Lord. He has saved me from my sin and I look forward to being with Him forever.  As a young girl I called on the name of the Lord and he answered me.  I am blessed to be forgiven, I am blessed to know that there is life, eternal life through the Lord Jesus Christ.  Do you know Him?  Has he saved you from your sin?  If not I recommend you read about the Gospel HERE.

How amazing it is to be a wife to a wonderful man who loves the Lord Jesus and who leads our family to the word of God (KJV in english).  To be a mother to four amazing children all who challenge me and delight me.  How I live in a warm cozy home in the country with lots of fresh air! I have a garden and small greenhouse to help grow food for my family.  I have yarn to crochet things with, and a sewing machine to sew things.

The Lord has led me to learning more simple things, to leave the rush of the world behind and seek to walk before him with a heart that's stayed on Him.  I still have much to learn, but when you tune out the world and all it's distractions, you learn a truer reality.  Simple things.  To fear God and depart from evil.  To grow and learn by the word of God.  To care for my family and their needs with genuine love.  Not forced, not obligated, but in joyful service to them.  To be a woman in the true sense of the word, to love feminine things.  To be vulnerable, to be gentle spirited, to be modest in spirit and appearance, to be protective, to be content with the role that the Lord Jesus has given me.  These things I'm learning.

When I start to count my blessings I start to see how amazing the Lord has been to me.  Simple things...things that a world pressing on for more, more, more misses.  Don't be to busy and distracted to think on the things of the Lord Jesus and His Word. To walk in the paths that He has for you.

Praying also for all of you.  May you have a blessed day!

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Unknown said...

This card is so elegant in it's simplicity. His Word always makes a splendid focal point. Your daughter did a splendid job with layout and distressing. Your post is so invigoration not unlike a breath of fresh air. I prefer large lots with enough trees to hide us from the masses. Our cottage was built on crown land in Northern Quebec. We really like it there. I also like Proverbs 31 and enjoy keeping my house and loved raising my children and helping with my grandchildren. Thank you so much for posting this lovely creative art in the Word Art Wednesday Challenge #230-#231 - Anything Goes.
Blessings, Carole

Sue Moore Donaldson said...

so lovely that your daughter thought of you in that way - we are blessed! next to you at art of homemaking.

Karen Letchworth said...

Such a beautiful piece of art, and wonderful words as well. We do tend to get caught in this busy world, and worrying about every little detail. It can drive a person nuts. We all need to take that extra moment to thank God for ALL our blessings and refocus on what truly matters. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for playing along with us.
Word Art Wednesday