Monday 24 April 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Hope for What is to Come

I hope you are having a beautiful day!
There are so many little things that have been 
coming into my days this week to make me smile.
Like pulling out the last of the garlic from the pantry
to tuck up with the ginger and onions by the stove. 
I also decided to hang up my ladle measuring spoons.
Convenient and pretty as well.
With the spring has brought bouts of snow and rain.
Oh I do love the sound of the rain on the metal roof
as I go to sleep at night.
The plants are doing well and I look forward to planting 
them out in another month or so.
I've had some computer issues this past week
and I'm so thankful that I have a husband and son 
that are skilled at getting me what I need to be 
back online again.

I've opened up my greenhouse again for the season.
I've been arranging pots to organize them 
for the plants I'll be growing in them.
Even with all the snow outside it's quite nice in there.
I plucked off my boots and went barefoot.
Hung up my coat and enjoyed the warmth
and cooling as the clouds passed over the sun.

I started my first greens out there:
Spinach, lettuce, kale, & swiss chard.
It's not a heated greenhouse so I've put on some frost protection.
Some plastic and then a couple layers of row covers.
I'm starting small.
Trying not to get too ahead of myself. 
It's hard when you have the itch to grow things again.
I will be planting my carrots in pots today.
Just one more little step.

I took my seeds out to the greenhouse
and the sticks to mark things
but then had to go back to the house for a marker.
One can never seem to remember everything on the 
first trip out there.
I also got the staple gun and patched up a spot in the plastic
that had come apart with all the snow on the roof.'s all good now for the season.

I also would like to share with you the pillow cover 
I crocheted. 
I had started it as a blanket but found
that it was just too heavy and dense.
I loved the pattern so I finished it off into
a pillow.
It's so soft and beautiful.
The colour was called night sky.

Here is a little touch of green for you.
I love how in the spring 
the first signs of colour come
from the mosses.  
Some tucked in the garden as this is,
some amongst the rocks in sunny patches of the yard.
Little bits of hope for what is to come.

Thanks for dropping by! 
I pray you have a delightful day! 

Love and Prayers,


Carol said...

I have started some plants inside but they are not all growing like i would have hoped. I will be anxious to get them planted outside as well.

Anonymous said...

So much fun digging in the dirt. Make you feel like you are waking up all over again.

Sunshine Country said...

I'm glad you've been able to start plants and get ready for gardening! Once again, I'm away from home and unable to do gardening as I love doing...but hopefully at my sister's here I will be able to help some with hers.