Monday 16 January 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Chewy Pretzels and Meatballs


I have something delicious to share with you
on this lovely winter's day. 
This past week I decided I'd like to make some
soft pretzels.
I used a recipe I found at Modern Honey.
They were easy to make and their soft, chewy texture
and delicious butter/salty flavour 
made for a perfect snack.
The boys and I also had some for lunch.

This week I also decided to make some 
homemade meatballs. 
I've not done this in awhile and I really should more often.
They are easy and help the meat stretch further.
I know lots of people have lots of different 
ways to make meatballs.
I'm one of those cooks that just adds some of this and that
and then mixes it all together. ha! 
I add salt, pepper, diced onions, minced garlic,
parsley, soda crackers, and my favourite tarragon. 
I think that last herb adds just the perfect flavour to these.
I bake mine on a cookie sheet but I've also used a casserole dish.
They are delicious eaten with a sauce or just on their own. 

I wanted to try knitting a shoulder cowl...but I used the wrong
kind of yarn.  It wasn't big enough so it made 
just a regular sized cowl.  
I love the yarn and how the colours blend in this.
Another warm and cozy item in the entry way to use.
Our winter weather has settled out for the moment 
and it's been lovely to be outside.
The fog and the frost has added layers of white 
to the outside world.
Truly a winter wonderland.

This past weekend my boys and I took a Food Safe course
at our local community centre.  
It's a great course to take that helps to encourage good
practices in either your own home kitchen
or experience for a commercial one.

Seeing as we spend a good amount of time in our kitchens
it's always nice to encourage cleanliness and safety as well.

Thanks for dropping by to visit! 
I hope you have a beautiful week keeping your homes! 

Love and Prayers,


Margie said...

The pretzels look so good! Do you dip them in sauce or eat them as is?

I'm also liking the cowl's pretty colours1

Sunshine Country said...

These pretzels you made bring back so many good memories for me! My older sister and I used to make homemade pretzels like these together before she married and left home. I should make some again...