Monday 26 September 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Cheese and Deep Cleaning

How is your Monday going? 
Today it started off overcast and rainy 
and has turned into a 
brilliant sunny day.

I had a some milk that was on the edge
so cheese it was. 
I only make cream cheese.
The kind where you add lemon juice to hot milk.
One day I would love to learn how to make 
other kinds of cheese.

I strained out the milk and then 
propped it up on a pitcher to drip some more.
This time I'm going to mix in some herbs 
and then it can go nicely on some buns.
I'm going to make some buns with the leftover whey.
I love how nothing needs to be wasted.

This past weekend we got to participate in our 
communities fall harvest market.
It was super fun and a lot of people came out to buy things
and eat some delicious food and enjoy some of the games.
There were bubble balls, a bouncy castle, and sumo suits.
My kids tried them all!
The best part of all was seeing people we knew 
and taking time to chat 
and catch up on life.

As the leaves are falling outside
creating a soft carpet in the forest
I think of fall cleaning.
Like spring cleaning I have this urge each year
to do some of those deep cleaning projects
that I avoid on a regular basis.
Yes, avoid is the key word because
I am all too aware they need to be done
but I procrastinate at getting them done.
One of them is washing under my kitchen sink.
I did that this weekend with some lemon vinegar that I 
made and strained out.  I added some tea tree and lemon grass 
to it and it looks and smells so much better. 
I put my compost bin under the sink so yeah...
it needs a good freshening up.

Then also there are the stove vent filters that need washing.
As you can see below they were in desperate need of a cleanse.
I love how easy it is to just toss some borax and hot water in a bag 
with the filters, wait a half hour and ta da it all comes off.
Just rinse and put back in the place to collect more
from future cooking.

Next on my list are the outside windows.
The snow is coming and I'd like to have them sparkling clean
for the winter. 

Do you like to deep clean in the fall? 
If so what are some of your jobs that you 
relegate to the last resort cleaning?
Or maybe it's just me that leaves some things
until they are of project proportions. 

Thanks for dropping by! 
Love and Prayers,


Sunshine Country said...

It is funny to read about your fall cleaning... because I have been feeling the same urge to do some deep cleaning lately! What I hope to do is sort through a lot of things I've accumulated and hopefully downsize. Any of my unneeded things will likely go to a thrift shop nearby.

Anonymous said...

I’ve started too! Natural light is the best to have while cleaning. Soon it will be dark most of the time, so now is our last chance. Feels best getting these things done before winter hibernation.