Monday 29 August 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Colours are a Changing!


The colours are changing as fall is creeping in.
The rain has come cool and soaking.
The winds have picked up strong and brisk.
Summer is ending and fall is taking over.
I love this time of year as the smell in the forest
changes and the cranberries are ripening.

It's nice to do some things inside during the cooler parts 
of the days and when it's soaking rain.
I have been picking the last of the flowers in the garden that 
I don't want to loose to the frosts.  
I picked a couple sunflowers that sprouted from seeds
the squirrels planted for me in the garden.
They were just starting to open and so I brought them in to enjoy.
Amazingly snapdragons are great in the cold and ours are blooming 
so well in the cooler temps.

I also did something with the items that I've been finding.
I decided that the slate was perfect for the table and I added
a couple candles on either side of our basket.
Then I made a doily this week and added it to the arrangement.

The doily is just from a pattern that I found off of Pinterest.
It worked up in a morning and even with cramped 
fingers from not working something so small in some time,
it was very refreshing to try a different project.
If you are interested in my Pinterest account you can find it 

I was in the kitchen the other morning.
Making tea and getting ready to bake some sourdough bread.
I had pulled out my homemaking binder
to have a look for cracker recipes.
The title on the binder caught my eye again.
Cooking Traditions
My binder is full of recipes from people I have known and loved.
Some are gone and some are still with us.
Making recipes from others we've known brings
more then just good food that we enjoy
but also the memories we have of being with those
that have shared with us.
It leaves me to ponder...what is coming from my kitchen?

My younger daughter, at work offered to make some 
homemade biscuits instead of them using canned ones.
It was a special thing for her to share what she knows
and I'm so pleased that she is also sharing 
what she has learned in our own kitchen.
What kitchen traditions are we making?

I ended up making some sourdough crackers from a recipe
that came from the Prairie Homestead Cookbook
although it's tweaked a bit.
I used fresh ground barely flour and then mixed in 
some grated cheese to part of the dough.
They make for a great snack.
Plus also helps to use up some discard.

Fresh bread is so much a special part 
of my homemade kitchen.
I find it's not hard, or time consuming.
It is delicious and saves our family money.
For saving on the grocery budget this is one very
simple step that I encourage anyone to do.
There are so many varieties of bread
and all of them add a richness 
that money cannot buy to our tables.

As the cooler weather 
is creeping into the environment around us.
I have been spurred to create yet another warm item.
I was gifted some gorgeous yarn 
so part has become this new hat 
and the rest is being worked into a cowl to go with it.
I took the fur pom pom from my old hat and added to this one.
I will be looking for another fur pom pom to replace it.
I must say that I prefer the real fur to yarn as it 
looks lovely all the time and doesn't wear out the same.

Thank you for dropping by! 
What have you been up to in your 
homemaking days?
Oh, and also regarding the question about the pesto buns,
yes I make them up like cinnamon buns
adding the pesto and cheese instead.

I hope you have a beautiful day! 

Love and Prayers,

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Sunshine Country said...

I really enjoyed reading this! I've been very busy today and it was nice to finally take a break and sit while I read through your post. We do not have many signs of fall down our way yet (in fact, today was one of the hottest days we've had in awhile)...but it's not too far away for us either. Summer just has been going by all too quickly! My tomatoes have really started producing more this week (it took awhile for the big ones to ripen up), so I might be looking into doing some canning soon. I hope you continue to enjoy the cooler weather you're having!