Monday 11 April 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Snow is a Melting!

Snow is melting! 
There is a lot of snow to go...but it's starting.
The icicles off the eves are lovely and 
there are patches of ground showing here and there.  
It is wonderful to watch the birds and squirrels 
scouring the earth for tasty bits. 
Even our dog seems to find patches of clear earth to lay
down in.  Then of course there is some cleaning at the door to be done.

I went out for a short hike with a couple of my children.
The snow is quite soft but on the skidoo trails
it's still quite manageable.  
Even with the heavy cloud cover we could see
the distant mountains on the horizon. 
I also found this cool tree at the edge of the trail.
For some reason all the texture caught my eye.

There was also this cool tree trunk with the colourization on the bottom.
It was also much bigger then it looks in the picture. 

The springs are running stronger
and at one point the trail goes over them. 
It's a well packed trail and will be there for quite a bit longer.

This week some cinnamon buns 
were in order. this time I just used vanilla in the icing
that in the picture has melted into them. 

It has been a lovely week just puttering about the home. 
There are so many little things that come to 
our attention as the increased sunshine 
seems to stir us to action. 
With changing up the top of the sewing machine 
I thought that I'd add these cute little bluebirds from the hutch.

Along with the search and destroy missions on the cobwebs
it's good to dust those out of the way places we like to pretend don't 
exist most of the year.  It's a work in progress.

Thank you for dropping by today! 
Praying you have a beautiful spring day!

Love and Prayers,


Sunshine Country said...

I'm glad you are getting some of the snow to melt where you live. Ours is all gone, and I'm enjoying seeing the bright green grass, and all the birds we've been having show up again. A pair of doves has built a nest just right outside my window, and it's special to be able to see them so up close!

Paula Alexandra Santos said...

Hi, Jennifer!
Those pictures remind me of Hallmark movies scenes! So pretty and white!
We don't have snow around here, only wind and some scattered showers. So, we're enjoying the sun while the real rain doesn't start!
And I bet one of those cinnamon rolls paired up with a cup of hot coffe, would be amazing!
Have a wonderful week!

Lauren at Wonderfully Made said...

Okay, I will stop complaining about the 40 degree temps coming this weekend and snow FLURRIES on Monday haha! You sure have an eye for finding the beauty in nature on your walks. The grass is green here and will need mowing as soon as things dry out from all the rain we've had. My hyacinths are popping up and a few tulips here and there. Crocuses are always up early and make me smile knowing summer just CAN'T be TOO far away! I hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family!