Monday 18 April 2022

Homemaking Mondays: It's All In How You Mix It


How do you like your tea? 
I like to mix my own tea mostly.
Some of this and some of that.
I also like my tea nice and strong.
Add some cream and sweetener and it's lovely.
I do enjoy simple herbal tea as well
although lately I've been drawn to adding some 
black tea in with mix. 
Chamomile, Ivan's Tea, Peppermint,Red Raspberry and Black
is my go to mix at the moment. 
Sadly I have just finished up the last of my Ivan's Tea
so I'll be anxiously awaiting the fireweed this summer.
Do you like to mix up your own blends of tea?

With all the new growth celebrating the longer
hours of sunshine are the geraniums.
I did take some cuttings to start some new fresh plants.
In doing so I cut off the flower stems
and they are being enjoyed in little vases.
I love the little bottles that my essential oils 
come in and after they are emptied
they may beautiful little vases for small bits of flowers.

With the longer hours of sunshine 
the melting is continuing to change the scenery.
There are more patches of ground showing and the icicles 
are forming and dropping from the eaves. 
This one big icicle outside our main door lasted 
a long time before dropping away.
It doesn't look that long in the picture but it was 
a few feet long. 

There are lots of ways to look at things.
With spring comes puddles, mud, dirty vehicles,
and random drastic changes in the weather. 
Sometimes I admit it can be a bit frustrating at times.
It is all in how you look at it though. 
Just like I like to add this and that to my tea
I am trying to look at each aspect as a beautiful 
part of the blend. 

 I pray your day is blessed today!

Love and Prayers,


Margie said...

I've never tried to blend my own teas.

I usually drink black or green teas during the morning and herbal teas in the afternoon/evening. As the weather warms up, I drink more cold-brewed fruity green or herbal teas.

We're having one last (I hope!) blast of winter today. Hope all this white stuff won't stick around.

Sister in the Mid-west said...

I am a noob when it comes to tea blending. With my new tea bags I am getting my feet wet, so to speak. I am looking forward to harvesting tea herbs this summer! :)

Sunshine Country said...

This sounds interesting to try - I have never blended any of my own teas before. I do dry some of my own herbs for tea occasionally, so maybe I can give it a try sometime!

That is a nice way to consider the early days of spring. The weather definitely can fluctuate quite a lot and be a bit frustrating as you said. It has started to even out here, and I am greatly enjoying seeing the flowers and bright greenery!