Monday 21 March 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Pesto Cheese Buns and Sunshine Inspirations



It's been a lovely week here and I have been 
enjoying the longer daylight and the fresh air. 
It's been warm enough to open up some windows and 
air the house out. 
The air has that smell of the early days of spring.

I got a post from a site I follow 
Farmhouse on Boone. 
She posted sourdough herb buns. 
Yeah...I had to make my own version of them. 
I added pesto and aged cheddar cheese to my buns today.
With the coconut oil in the pan and the olive oil from the pesto
the bottoms were so crispy and flaky!

Then of course there needed to be some loaves
for sandwiches and toast this week.

At the free store this past weekend I found this cute candle.
It's beeswax and it was super dirty from sitting a long time.
After being washed up some
I popped it in a jar I had on the counter. 
I added some rocks to the sides to hold it in place. 
It'll be nice to light up some evening.

I do love the honeycomb design! 
From the top or the sides.

With all the beautiful sunlight these days
the violet starters are growing quickly. 
I hope to separate them out in to their own pots soon.
Then to find homes for them all.

With the extra warmth and sunshine the icicles on the house have been 
growing and falling in repetition. 
One of those interesting things the Lord has created 
that brings me to a stand still to just watch.  

Also with this beautiful sunshine the lemon oregano
has been exploding.  
At one point I thought the plant wasn't going to make it and 
I started some cuttings.  
Now it's growing well again and I have to say
it's one of my favourite plants now.  
Just brush the leaves and the aroma is enough to 
cheer you! 

Oh and we have a very friendly squirrel that has been running 
along the side of the house and windowsills. 
This morning it stopped in the kitchen window to listen to 
my daughter and I chat with it.  

How has your week been? 
Have you been baking anything someone inspired you to bake?

I hope you have a beautiful day! 

Love and Prayers,


Sister in the Mid-west said...

Those buns sound delicious! I might have to go check out Farmhouse On Boon for the recipe. I watch her YouTube channel sometimes.
I glad you are getting some more sunshine. I am glad for the longer days, too! :)

Sunshine Country said...

Your bread looks yummy! It's probably about time I should make some more homemade bread here again.
It's always so nice to have the plants taking off in their growth once they start getting the extra sunlight, isn't it?! I'm excited to see how well some of mine have recovered when I thought they weren't going to make it. I just bought a bunch more flower bulbs too that I'm looking forward to planting and see how they do. I think it's about time I start staying away from the garden section or I will be out of both money and energy to get everything planted, lol! :)
I always enjoy seeing your photos too!

Margie said...

The pesto cheese buns look soooo good!

Still waiting for my African violets to bloom...

My godson is selling seeds as a fundraiser for his Scouts troops, so I bought a pack of 6 floral seeds. Can't remember what they are off the top of my head, but they're perennials. Hopefully, they'll grow in my garden.

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

I love how you are able to help us see, smell, taste and experience life up North! Your baking looks so wonderful - can't imagine how it must all taste fresh out of the oven! I baked some little cream puffs this week using a weight watchers recipe and they turned out really well! We've been munching on them for a few days now!