Monday 14 February 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Pink Petals and Darning Socks


It has been so wonderful to have more sunshine!
It seems to brighten so much and not just with light.
My husband bought me these beautiful flowers 
for the remembrance of 26 years since he proposed to me. 

I've stared some darning.
It is a sad reality that with wool socks 
come holes  that need to be fixed. 
I inherited a darning egg and it is quite helpful.
So...with the holes comes a new
skill to learn. 

I collected all the socks to be mended
some extra wool, my darning egg, a darning needle,
my glasses and my sharp scissors that were a gift from a dear friend.
The first one wasn't too pretty...but 
I think I got the hang of it as I went along. 
The next time I might try the knitting patch technique
just to see what I like to do better.

It is so fun to have cheerful flowers in the house.  
Plus...I think they smell lovely to.

I made a few cards with the new papers I've acquired.
It's nice to be able to give a personal touch to what is sent.
I'm truthfully not good at making wintery
flowery it is. :)

Thank you for dropping by! 
I hope you are having a lovely day keeping your home as well. 

Love and Prayers,


Sunshine Country said...

The flowers your husband gave you are beautiful! I'm missing seeing very many flowers at this time of year, but I think our Geraniums are budding again, so I'm looking forward to seeing those bloom.

I have never learned how to darn socks. I've knitted several pairs of socks, but they were all as gifts for someone else. I should make myself some one of these days.

Making handmade cards is always nice! Especially for those receiving them. :) I always appreciate handmade cards, knowing that someone took the extra time to make them unique and special.

Lady Locust said...

I had such a stack to darn, I made myself sit and do it, am about half way through the pile. Pretty flowers are much nicer than darning socks. :-)

mamasmercantile said...

Beautiful cards, a feast for the eyes.

Linda Shukri said...

Your cards are beautiful! And your flowers!

My mom used to darn socks while we kids were growing up. Then she had me do it, but I don't remember using a darning egg. I think we just fixed the socks without one. But I can see how it can be very helpful.