Wednesday 26 January 2022

Into the Forest with a Daypack


This past weekend I went on a small adventure
with a couple of my children and our dog. 
The weather has been so warm and the sun has been shining.
It beaconed us out to enjoy the forest.
We hiked from our place up to a lake close by.
We built a fire
roasted some hotdogs and marshmallows
and had a lovely cup of tea 
with melted snow water.

My brother's family just gave us 
a wonderful day pack to take with us on our
excursions to the wild. 
It had that lovely kettle in it along with a bunch 
of other goodies! 
It is a perfect way to carry those things needed 
to enjoy some time outdoors.
Do you have one of these?
We used to just use a backpack, 
although this is much better as it's waterproof canvas.

Below is a picture of the open running water from the
springs across the lake.  
It's lovely to stand and listen to the running water in the
middle of the winter.
It was also super warm and you could hear the snow
melting in the trees and it sounded like 
it was raining. 

Sometimes it's just good to close our eyes 
when we're out
and listen to the forest sounds. 
I think the Lord draws us out of the busyness of life
to just listen to what he has created.

The evergreens along the trail
had some amazing frost on them to.
If you look closely the snow is quite
pokey looking with the crystals.

In the daypack were some great new cups!
Perfect for holding a cup of tea.

I love going through the trails and seeing all the different ways 
the trees fall when they are covered in snow.

The sun has been beautiful these past few days.
As the days lengthen it's so nice!

I know some may create amazing structured fires
but as you can see...
mine are just functional! :)  
I created a flat area to put the kettle 
and then just built up wood around it.  
We cooked our hot dogs, enjoyed our tea
and then pulled the fire apart a bit 
to roast marshmallows on the coals. 
We could have stayed out for hours....
but alas, it was time to head for home.

Sometimes it seems hard to get things together to go out.
It does take a bit of planning...but it's so worth it!

Praying you have a beautiful day!

Love and Prayers,


Ulrika Herzog said...

What a wonderful afternoon! Great memories are made in most simple outings. Ulrika

Linda Shukri said...

Your woodland excursion was so neat and fun!

Sister in the Mid-west said...

This sounds like fun! It must be refreshing to get outside even if it is cold. I wait for it to get a lot warmer before I plan any outdoor excursions. :)

Sunshine Country said...

This reminds me of many fun times with my sisters, when we would go out and build campfires and cook stew or biscuits over the fire. :) Brings back some many nice memories! I'd love to do this again, but don't really have anyone who might enjoy it with me right at this time. Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed seeing a little about your trip to the woods!