Monday 1 February 2021

Homemaking Mondays: To Brighten Your Day


Nice to see you today! 
I'd love to share with you some things that have 
brightened my day.
Gifts from friends and some things to go to friends.
The thoughtfulness of others to 
consider you during their day.

Friendship is one of those special gifts
the Lord Jesus has given that 
makes life all the sweeter for it.

This past week I was gifted this lovely bouquet of
fresh flowers! 
I just love daisy flowers! It is a lovely big bouquet.
Oh how cheerful it has been to walk into the kitchen 
and see them on the table.
Bright and fresh on our cold winters days. 
I know fresh flowers don't last forever...
but they are wonderful! 

Then another dear friend gave me 
an old apron of hers.
She was down sizing and I'm so honoured 
that she gave it to me!
It is great for canning in as spills
wash right off. 
All the lovely wildflowers of Scotland.
She knew how much I loved wildflowers.

Speaking of flowers....
Yes I have bought more seeds!  
I bought some dwarf cosmos and calendula seeds.
I have started to use the West Coast Seed Company,
and then Renee's Garden seeds as well. 
They are both locally available.
Soon...very soon I can start some seeds.  
For now I will continue to look through the colourful 
seed packets and dream of how they will look 
in the garden. 

I have also been making some cards this week.
Some for birthdays, and some 
just because. 
It has been nice to work with paper.
All the colourful papers brighten the dull overcast days.

What do you do during the darker duller days of winter? 
Do you find colourful things to cheer you? 

Thank you for dropping by! 
For all the wonderful comments. 
It's great to hear about your lives as well. 
Like how you also stash candles and blankets in your homes.

Love and Prayers,


JES said...

Sounds wonderful! So many uses for calendula! I hope you have a good harvest 🌼🌼🌼

mamasmercantile said...

I have been making cards and crafting to pass away the time. Love your cards.

Margie said...

Yellow is one of my favourite colours so your cheery flowers speak to me!

I received a colouring book for my birthday...still need to give it a try!

Annie said...

So lovely! I have pulled out my watercolors and started practicing my wildflowers as a little taste of color and spring. I am just now starting to think about my vegetable garden and what I want to grow this year. Our temps are suppose to get down in the single digits this next week with some snow later on. We have had such a strange "warm" winter that I'm looking forward to a little bit of real winter this next week. By the time March rolls around I'll be ready for spring to arrive.