Monday, 22 February 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Pushing Through the Last of the Dark Days


Pushing through the last of the dark days of winter.
Do you feel like that is where you're at?

I do.  
The sun is starting to shine more and more
and it seems to change how I feel.
When the clouds move in and it starts to snow
yet again...I feel heavy.
Things feel like more of an effort
and I need to start to find things to do
to bring me hope of spring.

Don't get me wrong...
I do love winter and many of the
wonderful things we can do in winter.
It is this point it seems to be 
dragging on...the last couple months before spring.

One of my favourite things to do
is to plant seeds at this time.
I have brought in my indoor greenhouse. 
With dreams of what to start growing.
This year I have been gifted a grow light 
and that should help the tomatoes.
On the bottom shelf I have all my seeds
for some point they will need to move 
so that plants can grow there.  
I might put that shelf up on the top
or move the grow light to the very bottom?

Then I've re-arranged my living room so that I can get plants up 
against the window.
I shall be having a couple rows of plant there as the seedlings get bigger.
I also love having my chair by the window.
I've actually moved it to the other side of the window
as shown in the picture from where it was
and this gives me another view when I turn my head
to look outside.

The Lord has given little bits of delights as well,
as the violets are starting to send out more blooms.

I have been doing some crocheting
and one of the things is this cute
little set of slippers.
Soft and plushy and pink. 
It's an old fashioned pattern
but from experience they are oh so 

I have also been keeping my sourdough starter happy. 
I washed out my big jar
and put the last bit of starter in and fed it.  
All those little bubbles make me happy for some reason.
Perhaps it's the thought of fluffy bread to come?

There are always things to smile at,
to cheer our hearts when 
we count our blessings.

Praying for you as 
we wait till spring to arrive.

Love and Prayers,


mamasmercantile said...

We have just made a start on the seeds, a welcome time of year as we start to prepare for the garden.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

I know what you mean, dear friend... the gray days are harder in February as we anticipate spring. When the sun comes out, it seems to add a burst of energy to my day as well! Like you, I've been preparing for seedlings, and tomorrow I plan to start seeds out in my greenhouse. It is always an exciting time of year! Your slippers are just darling! Praying that more sunshine comes soon to your part of the world :) Many blessings to you!

Sister in the Mid-west said...

Sourdough bubbles make me happy, too. Since I went gluten free a few years ago I have not kept a starter. It makes me a little sad to not have sourdough. At some pointbl in the future I will probably go back to regular eating and keep a sourdough starter again. :)

living from glory to glory said...

Hello Jennifer, I think many of us can relate to winter days and cold that just doesn't seem to end this time of the year! I think it's great you are starting your seedlings. We do get a lot of sunshine here, but the winds can get annoying. I think those slippers are very cute and cozy. I have been watercoloring to use as a creative therapy LOL
Having your chair by the window is a good way to keep your eye out for spring and the birds sing...
Hugs, to you!
We need to email each other very soon!

Linda Shukri said...

You reminded me to water my violas that are growing in my two planters on my front porch. Yes, it's February in South Carolina! :-) It's in the 60s F. Maybe it's warmer right now.

I love your pink slippers!

I haven't had violets since my PEI house. I love violets. Need to get some for my house.

Sunshine Country said...

I find these last winter days more difficult too. But then, I get to thinking how much it helps me appreciate warmth and spring weather so much the more. :) I've been enjoying starting seedlings indoors! We are finally getting some warm days here and there, so I've been hardening them off by taking them in and out of house lately.