Monday 21 September 2020

Homemaking Mondays: Time to Come In and Warm Up

With fall in full bloom
it is time to come in and warm up.
Time for shawls and hot cups of tea.
I've started pulling out my throw blankets.
Time to bring in some flowers from the garden 
to keep them from the frost.

I am blessed at this new home to have a place
to bring in some plants out of the frosts.
It's a sunroom porch that has plastic
covering the window spaces and the screen door.
The above teapot I used is new to me.  
I found it at the dump unwanted so it came home with me. 
It matches the blue in my favourite tea set (that had no teapot).

The burst of colour there is still lovely and it's 
a pretty place to sit and enjoy a cup of tea.

I have one pot of strawberries still ripening as well. 

The ground has been quite crispy with frost
so I decided it was time to bring the potatoes in out of the cold.
They sat out to dry on my countertop 
then I put them in a bowl to take to the cool-room/pantry.
They will taste good this winter. 

I have also brought in some more lemon balm and mint plants.
I like to have some in the house all winter. 
Some are left out to see if they will overwinter.
That way we will always have some.
Besides...I like it fresh best. 
The pots sit in the window....or close to it in the dinning room. 
Easy for grabbing some for tea or a flavoured water.

Do you bring plants in for the winter?

The winter's chill can be felt late at night. 
When taking the dog out one last time. 
The stars are sparkling clear in the night sky....
and now in the north it is dark enough to see them again.

I was out picking cranberries again with my daughter.
More are ready to go into jam this week.  
I also picked some wild rose-hips to add to them.
I was talking to my brother this week and he wrote...
"It's hard to describe the sweet smell of muskeg and the flavour of ripe cranberries!"
He right..something that has it's very own distinction. 
Those who have never experienced those smells or tastes will not understand.

The last harvest market at our community centre is done. 
I bought some more produce to tuck away in our pantry for the winter. 
We sold some jam, relish, and salsa as well.
Soon we'll be finished and can hole away in our warm cozy home
and enjoy the last of the colour 
as it floats down to the forest floor. 

Thanks for dropping by! 

Love and Prayers,



Sister in the Mid-west said...

I enjoyed reading your post!
I don't always have plants to bring indoors during the winter. This year I have a potted hibiscus I want to save. I will have to put in somewhere out of the weather.
I don't know what muskeg is. Autumn has a distinct smell here, too, though. You can smell vegetation dying and decomposing. It's is an earthy smell, not unpleasant at all.

Margie said...

What a pretty tea setting! I'm so glad that you rescued the blue teapot. I'm sure it'll be well loved at your home.

mamasmercantile said...

The blue teapot looks right at home in its new setting. Like you I do bring some plants in to over Winter so that we can the garden off again come Spring.

Liisa said...

I just found your blog and I am delighted! You have been a real encouragement to me already.~smile~
We are soon to move full time to a wee town on a lake in Northern Ontario and your description of the crispness and the clarity of a northern night sky in fall just filled my heart. I am so anxious to be back there to stay. Thank you!