Monday 14 September 2020

Homemaking Mondays: Frosty Morning and Comfort Foods

We have now hit the major frosts here in the Yukon.
There have been a few things hanging on but not for long.  
I took this picture of of one of my last petunias. 
The wild roses are glorious in all their colour with their frosty accents.
There are not many plants still coming back after the melting the sun brings. 
I dug up my dahlia bulbs yesterday and brought them in for the winter.
My boys helped me dig up the last of the potatoes as well. 
Surprisingly my mint plants have come back after the sun hit them this morning. 
So more fresh mint tea today! :) 

We have ben airing out our quilts a few at a time 
the last couple days. 
Some are super heavy so we are staggering them.
While the weather is still nice during the days we've 
started to pick cranberries.  
They are so good in jam and put into muffins. 

I made some orange glaze cinnamon buns this week. 
A family favourite comfort food. 
It's just some bread dough rolled with 
brown sugar and cinnamon. 
Then I add a icing sugar glaze that has a bit of butter 
and some orange extract in it.  
Warm or cold it's delicious!

Then I made a big batch of chicken stock. 
This time I put a couple chickens (not just the bones) in 
and boiled them along with the
veggies and herbs.
I was able to make enough stock for 8 quart jars. 
Some went for a soup meal the first day and some is in the fridge for later.
Then I pressure canned up 6 quarts for the pantry. 

Thanks for dropping by! 
What have you been doing this week to get ready 
for colder days? 

ps.  Sunshine Country because I cannot respond to your comment. 
For my spuce tip tea I pick the buds in the springtime.  
That is when they are sweet.
You can use spruce tips later in the year but they are much
more pungent but still healthy. 

Love and Prayers,



Sunshine Country said...

Thank you so much for your answer to my question about the spruce tip tea! :) I hope to be able to try it sometime.

Your flower pictures with the frost are so beautiful, and the cinnamon rolls sound delicious. We like to boil up chicken broth also. It's always wonderful to have on hand in the freezer when I want to make some soup. I've never canned any, since we do not have a pressure canner. That would be nice, though, I'm sure.

mamasmercantile said...

The flowers with the frost look so pretty but I do know the reality of the changing season. You are certainly getting prepared. We have stocked the freezer and store cupboard and have peat/logs all ready for the stove.

Margie said...

It's too early for the "F" word!

I went on another online shopping spree and purchased more teas. That's how I'm prepping for the loooooong winter!

Sister in the Mid-west said...

Mmmmm! That chicken broth looks so good! When days get cold, soup and broth are so welcome.

Linda said...

We're preparing for Spring here in New Zealand, but I love to see what others are up to in different parts of the world. I enjoyed your pic of the quilts hanging out to dry. It looked some old fashioned and homely. Blessings to you ~ Linda

Sarah said...


Your frosty pictures are stunning! The weather is growing cooler where I live too. Your cinnamon rolls look delicious! This week my mom and I picked grapes. Today I have been busy canning grape juice. We are grateful to have it for the winter ahead. : )


P.S. Earlier this week I made mince meat. I used your recipe but made a smaller batch. I made it last year too and it was met with rave reviews. Adam is thrilled. : )

Annie said...

I'm finally starting to embrace the fact that fall is upon us. We aren't as chilly as you guys but our high temps have gone from the 80's and 90's down to the high 60's low 70's. I have been saving my chicken bones in the freezer for making lots of good broth for fall soup. I have been dehydrating tomatoes like crazy and storing them to be thrown into soup all fall and winter as well.

I am also planning my homemade Christmas gifts for this year as I realize I need to get a start on them ASAP or I will be scrambling by the time December rolls around. I love making homemade gifts especially for Christmas.

Those cinnamon buns look so good! I'm tempted to make a batch for a Sunday morning treat tomorrow.