Monday 1 June 2020

Homemaking Mondays: A Touch of Colour


I just love the touch of colour
that fresh flowers give. 
These sunflowers have been blooming for a few weeks now. 
They delight me each day.  
The one variety of dwarf sunflowers we 
planted this year are called
Cheerful and long lasting. 
They also have multiple blossoms each.

Once they are done blooming 
I am going to pull them out and plant some other flowers in their place.
I find that having flowers is an important part
of a garden...and not just for the 
beneficial insects. 
I think they bring joy. 

My husband bought me some cut flowers for mother's day.
They lasted a long time and added 
a special touch to our table. 
Sometimes in life we just need beautiful things. 

This past week has been busy with helping my daughter finish her lessons. 
Then there was packing and preparing the house for showings.
Our landlady is so very thoughtful to make the showings on the days 
that we regularly clean so it doesn't put a big burden on us.

It's been raining so much and the trees and other plants are bright green.
The grass is starting to really grow and the perennial flowers are popping up.
I've always been drawn to the bluish kind of flowers, and the lupin are
coming up all over and are so very pretty! 

The plants we have in our garden pots are coming along nicely.  
I look forward to some fresh things as summer comes. 

There has been some other new life in our little habitat. 
The other day we saw a moose and her little new babies 
walk through the water close to our home. 
Then late in the evening (about 11:30pm) 
they came through again and this time 
my daughter got a couple good pictures of them. good as you can with zoom and darkness. 
What a blessing to see them and know that 
the Lord is bringing new life in so many ways.

What brings a touch of colour to your life? 
Colour comes in many forms. 
Fresh flowers and blessings.
Little details often overlooked, 
but all the little things can also bring joy. 

Praying you have a blessed day!

Love and Prayers,


Linda Shukri said...

How fun to see the baby moose! Thanks for sharing your daily life and activities. :-)

mamasmercantile said...

How wonderful to see the moose, new life always bring joy and makes us smile.

Sunshine Country said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I recently was able to visit a greenhouse where we purchased more flowers to plant outdoors, since ours were late getting started. We put some in hanging pots to enjoy on the patio. I am enjoying them!

Interesting you should post about seeing the moose with the two babies - the other day I seen a moose for my first time ever. It was such a neat experience! They are such large, unique animals.

Sister in the Mid-west said...

I agree, we need beautiful things in our lives! And, we need to pay attention to the little details to enjoy our lives to the fullest. I was contemplating the benefits of being mentally present in each moment.