Monday 18 May 2020

Homemaking Mondays: Mist and Musings

This morning I woke a bit earlier then the rest of my family. 
There was a heavy mist settled down in our little lake. 
It seemed to add to the sweet quiet of the morning. 

A good time to talk to the Lord about things that
were on my heart. 

This week I pulled out another of my sweet teapots that I don't use 
as often as my others.  
I save this one for special moments.
This one was from my mom and I just love the floral pattern on it. 
It sure is special to enjoy a cup of tea like this...
kind of like a moment with the one you love.

As you can see above...I've watered my mint plant a bit too much.
I found these interesting mushrooms growing.  
I didn't keep them, too bad we couldn't eat them.

I have a variety of flowers blooming in my house at the moment. 
The lovely sunflowers, geraniums, marigolds, and below
a little viola that is just starting to open. 
Really cheers me as I wait to be able to put some plants outside. 
Still super chilly out at night.  
New snow on the mountains from the last couple days of rain. 

There was a bedding plant market at our local 
community centre this past weekend.
I was able to sell and re-home my extra plants.  
Then I had some space to up pot my squash and then pot up 
some of the extra flowers I had. 
I still need to plant up one big planter...
but there is no room for that inside. :) 

The Lord has provided us a place to move to...
and I'm happy to say there is room for gardening there. 
It won't be for a few more weeks.
We've begun the process of packing.  
It's not too far away and we're delighted 
to be able to stay within the community we enjoy.

I pray you have been having a lovely Monday! 

Love and Prayers,


mamasmercantile said...

Hope the move goes well and you settle well into your new home.

Annie said...

How nice to have all those pretty flowers blooming in your house! And that little teapot is so sweet. All my little china teapots and cups are all packed away. We live in a very tiny little house so I had to really pick and choose what lives in the house. I'm looking forward to one day being able to have my tea pots and cups in a spot I can actually use them.

Those little mushrooms are so interesting! I've really been enjoying mushroom hunting this spring and learning about the different kinds. Not sure what kind those are but they sure are cute and whimsical.

That's so nice you found a new place close by. That will make moving a bit easier. I will be praying your move goes smoothly!


Linda Shukri said...

Love your plants! and the mushrooms look awesome. ;-) So glad to hear you have another home to move to. Happy packing!

Sunshine Country said...

The mist over the lake looks so pretty. I love your little teapot! I have a special teapot that my mom gave me also, that remains only as a decoration piece since I am afraid of breaking it. :) It has beautiful pink roses on the lid and side.

Your sunflowers are so nice also! I have a dwarf variety I was wanting to plant, but might not get to this year since am not home yet to do so in time.

Sister in the Mid-west said...

Having tea out of a tea pot is special.
I love seeing your flowers! :)
I am glad that you have a place to move to that you are looking forward to. I hope everything goes smoothly with the move. Thank you for sharing about your week! I found it relaxing and very pleasant. :) Take care!