Thursday 3 October 2019

My Organized Greenhouse

Getting ready for the winter here. 
We all moved the greenhouse to a more stable spot. 
Put some new plastic over the roof so it won't leak anymore.
Then my husband gave me a couple shelf units to help me organize 
all the things that were stashed in there. 

Below I used my water barrel in the back to hold shovels and rakes.
Then I also have another blue barrel with a locking lid.
This is important, for it holds the birdseed and needs to keep 
the squirrels  and mice out.

I took the one shelf unit apart and made a longer unit instead of a taller one. 
This holds most of my pots and containers...and some odd things.
The tomato cages, bamboo stakes, and wire hoops in the corner.

I used the second tall shelf to put up my frost blankets, watering cans,
hand tools/ working things, and my bird/ bee houses. 
I put my soil up on a bench just to keep it from freezing to the ground. 
So if...I need to move it I can. 
In the top right corner you can see some plastic missing...I found it
in the pile of things and it's now back in place. 

It is now a joy to walk in and get what we need instead of wading through the clutter.  

Thanks for dropping by! 

Love and Prayers,


Linda S. said...

Organizing is great, isn't it? Thanks for your post! :-)

Vilhelm man said...