Sunday 20 October 2019

Homemaking Mondays: Made for You

Don't you just love when there are things that are made just for you? 
That is one of the beauties of handmade things...
they can be tailor made.   
I was able to finish this blanket and then I added a sweet tag on it.

A dear friend of mine gave me a few of these tags and this is the 
first one that I've sewn on.  
They are nice and sturdy and will be good and durable.
Baby blankets often get lots of washing.

My husband bought me this wonderful thoughtful gift. 
It is a fan for our wood cookstove!!! 
It doesn't require electricity and it does work quite well to help 
disperse the heat from the stove to other parts of the room.

It really gets to going when the stove is hot.
I'm so glad that we have this!

As the stove was hot this week we slipped in a sheet of pumpkin seeds to roast.
I learned that if you wash them, boil them for a bit,
and then roast them they turn out much crispier. 
I tried it this year and yup...they are super crispy and delicious.  
They don't last long...too bad that there aren't more in the pumpkins.

Today I also pulled out my spices and mixed up some
Pumpkin Pie Spice. 
I roasted the pumpkin in my crockpot and it's all ready to go into 
a pumpkin pie.  
 I hope to get to that soon.
I like my crockpot for cooking the pumpkin for I can stick it in 
and then walk away for a bit. 
I thought all the spices layered in the jar were pretty...
and then I shook it up.

I also labeled it...very important!!!

Do you ever use odd things in the kitchen as serving bowls?  
I have come to like my pie plates to serve fruit and veggies in when needed. 
It's also kinda fun. 
Today we had peaches and apples with our snack.

Thanks for dropping by to see what I've been up to.  

Praying you have a beautiful day!

Love and Prayers,


Christine said...

Where did your husband find such a great fan?
Who ever receives that blue blanket is getting a treasure.

Margie said...

The blue blanket is beautiful! And the "made for you" label is the perfect touch.

This fall, I was happy to find pumpkin chai tea that contains real pumpkin pieces and seeds.

Linda Shukri said...

The blue blanket is very pretty! Thanks for sharing your life with us! :-)

Mary Stephens said...

That afghan is such a pretty stitch. :-)
The fan is interesting. I assume the heat makes it go?
I had forgotten about boiling the pumpkin seeds first, and washing so good too.. I have a small squash and pumpkin to use so, if the seeds are usable, maybe I'll try that.

Have a blessed Lord's day.