Thursday 25 April 2019

Nests and Flowers

Spring is upon us and it is nice to see the change in the seasons. 
Along with the seasons, there are seasons in life. 
As we are preparing for another in our home,
I've been making a few cards to use in the next few weeks.

I found some wonderful bird nest images from
Shoregirl's Creations that I hadn't used yet. 
Then I pulled out some lovely papers 
(and I have lost the company name for them).  

I love the softness it all brought together.  
Along with some lovely ribbon gifted me by Judith from Lavender Cottage. 
The colours worked so well together... well in my opinion. :)

The I found these sweet towel images by Shoregirl Creations as well...
the just needed to be used. :)  
I found another set of papers that were very cheerful.  
I love the happy red gingham.  

I added a little flower stamp tot he postage spot. 

I also found these sweet papers, and I didn't want to make a card 
where they were covered up too much. 
So I looked through my stash for ribbons and flowers to add to 
each card.  
Some of the flowers I crocheted, and then I found the pretty paper ones. 
I searched my stash and found some lovely pearls and rhinestones 
for each of the flowers. 

Now, for some real flowers. 
This week the wild crocus have come up on the hill behind our home. 
They are so cheerful in our cold temps, but the sunshine is beckoning them out.

I pray you are having a lovely spring and that you are finding time to 
stop and take a look at the nests and flowers around you...
or in your craftrooms. 
I love how the glory of the Lord is seen in even the tiniest details of His creation! 

Love and Prayers,


Esther Asbury said...

I was scrolling through my blog feed and saw your post - the image caught my eye as being familiar, and no wonder -- it's one of my freebies! (smile!) Happy to see someone enjoying them! Pretty cards and lovely crocus photos too!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

These are lovely! I really like the little vintage touches and images you chose. Yay for crocuses . . . they sure help brighten our spirits after the long winters don't they? LOL - we got MORE snow yesterday. Thankfully most of it is melting today but STILL . . . not a welcome site. I think they said this is the latest we've gotten this much snow this late in the spring. On Saturday I was wearing flip flops while running errands . . . the next, trudging through snow. BUT, I was still wearing flats and a spring jacket . . . no way was I pulling the winter gear out again lol!