Thursday 4 April 2019

Touches of Spring

I am feeling the touches of spring, and have been finishing up some projects
 that I've been wanting to get taken care of.  
Things like making some bone broth...although I have yet
to take the step to put them through the pressure canner. 
I am working my way through the freezer so by the time we have to move it'll be empty.
Yes, we are moving at the end of May and I'm in preparation for that. 

I have added another item to my household posessions though. 
I was gifted this lovely teapot and am happy it's come to live with us. :)  
It has an amazing tight weave screen for loose tea.

I have also taken all the plastic off our windows. 
Then the next step I got to this week. 
Cleaning the screens and putting them back into the windows. 
The mosquitos and bees were wanting to come inside to visit too often for my comfort.
For those of you that think it's not important to wash screens.....have a look below!

That is just from a year of use for eight screens. 
Now you can see through them without there being dust and dirt in them. 
It didn't take long, but will let more of the fresh air in.

Also this spring my children were blessed with being able to go to a glass making class. 
They went with our little community homeschool group. 
They each were able to make an item.  The boys made bowls, and my daughter made a paperweight.

I am working on sorting through the things we have accumulated since moving here.
I have gone through clothing (regular and seasonal), books, kitchen items, fabric and crafting items.
It feels good to re-home items we no longer need or want. 
I know it's great to de-clutter as a normal part of life, but to also remember that some of the clutter we do have in our lives is necessary.  
Such as items to make great homemade foods from scratch, and preserve food for our families needs.
Perhaps I do have too many mason jars....if that is possible.
Also the sewing area I contemplated for a long time....all that extra material and sewing items are very much needed for making and fixing items we need. 
All the gardening items are needed, and the homeschool area.  Yes, there are lots of items in those areas, but when you consider the usefulness of these items they have to stay.  

One thing I have been doing is learning to let go of things that I have collected.  
Sometimes you just need to take a picture and say goodbye. 

All of this is coming about as we are enjoying the touches of spring. 

Walks in the woods as the snow is melting and the green is returning.

Oh, and I tried my hand at transferring images to towels. 
I didn't get it very dark, but the images came through well. 
The towels I did were for a birthday gift to a fishing loving man.

So, I'm sorry I've been quiet on here.
I have found that I just haven't been able to put into words what has been going on 
in our lives the last while. 

I hope you have a beautiful day!
Thanks for dropping by!

Love and Prayers,


mamasmercantile said...

Hope all goes well with your move.

Margie said...

Cute teapot! It's nice that it comes with its own infuser.

I'm trying to muster up the motivation to do my own decluttering this spring...

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Decluttering is difficult in preparation for a move, so many "memory heavy" decisions to make! And tough to know what you'll need in the future, and what you won't. I love your new little teapot, I have a glass teapot with an infuser in it, and it is just so nice to brew up a pot of herbal tea with leaves gathered from my garden. I recently made a tea mix of raspberry leaves, lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, clover, and dried rose hips. It is so delicious! I think the rose hips add the perfect touch to the mixture. I wish you well with your move! Will you just be finding a new home in the area or relocating? Blessings and hugs to you!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

You're moving! Moving IS always good incentive to 'de-clutter' for sure but it is also exhausting - hope you move goes very smoothly. The glass pieces your kids made are so beautiful, especially in the window to catch the reflection of those spring 'rays'! Yes, our screens DO get dirty! I just washed all of ours a few days ago when it hit 70 degrees. Sure felt good!