Tuesday 12 March 2019

Tweet Birdie Home

Hello!  I'd love to share with you this tweet little birdie home. 
 I found this birdhouse at the free store minus part of the roof.  
I added some more wood to make a roof.
It looked like it needed some love and of course it came home with me. :)  

It looked great rustic, but I wanted something more cheerful.

I chose to paint it coastal blue with a white roof and trim.
The windows had the black insert and so I left it that way. 
The bottom I painted brown and then quickly changed it to green.

I added some rolled wood around the one barrel.
I painted it a light blue on top like a water barrel.

I found this cute button in my stash. 
Seemed so cute and welcoming.

Then I looked through all the flowers I had, and found a bag of these cute metal ones.
I hot glued them around the house, and this one on the front fence.

I then filled this bucket with hot glue and added some gold balls to it. 
I painted them pansy purple.

Then I added some tall flowers I had in my stash.  They just seemed to fit.

I will be spraying it all with a sealer so that it can go outside. 
I hope that some bird will be interested in living in this 
tweet birdie home.

Psalms 104:12
"By them shall the fowls of the heaven have their habitation, which sing among the branches."

Thanks for dropping by!
Love and Prayers,


Christine said...

I love birds and I love bird houses! Even better if it's free.
Your artistic talent had made this a cute home for some lucky bird.

Margie said...

So cute! I especially like the purple flowers. If I were a bird, this would be my dream house.

Linda S. said...

It's very cute!! :-)

Danielle Dunn said...

So cute!!!! Some chickadee or other lil bird will like it ;)