Sunday 10 March 2019

Some Simple Joys

I'd like to share some of my simple joys with you.
We have been having some lovely days. 
The sun was shining for awhile, then went away, and then came back. 
It was warm up to the freezing point. 
There are days when
I opened up the upstairs door (the main floor of our house)
and let the cool air freshen things up.  
I keep the wood stove burning 
heating water for tea and some oranges with balsam fir essential oil 
for a nice scent.  
Yes, the stove is quite dirty... come spring when we will no longer need it,
it'll get a good scrubbing.

I was watering my window plants today and turned my citronella plant around.
It is so vibrant and I love to watch it grow.
The mint in the window is doing so well that I'm going to start clipping some 
for tea and for putting in the water pitcher.

The plants in the house are loving all the extra light they are getting 
and seem to be smiling. 

With all the nice weather there are spots that are melting and giving 
the promise of spring to come. 

I hope you are enjoying some simple joys in your homes. 

Love and Prayers,


Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

I love your stove Jennifer! It serves such a beautiful purpose all winter long! When we had a stove, I too loved to put spices in water, and let them simmer, made the house smell soo good!! Glad to hear that spring is coming to your world, we are getting a snowstorm today, but next week we are to get up into the 50s next week, so yes, spring is coming here too :) Blessings!

Margie said...

The snow is melting here too. On Thursday, the temperatures may climb to double digits. Woo-hoo!

mamasmercantile said...

I love the stove and often put water on ours for tea. Love the idea of oranges, I generally use a mixture of spices in water and let it simmer away. I am ever hopeful that Spring is around the corner.

Danielle Dunn said...

Spring is here! :)