Wednesday 4 July 2018

Give a Boy a Hammer!

Would love to share with you a great summer project my boys tackled. 
I gave them some nails, some scrap boards, a saw, and a hammer.  
Then I stood back and watched them create.

They sawed and hammered away.  
Then presented me with their projects. 
One made a garage for his trucks with an over hang for other things. 
The other made a train station. 

I loved seeing them practice with the tools.
Sawing straighter edges and hammering in straighter lines to. 
Below my son was sawing away with both feet on the board....I held myself back and waited, and then as the board got a bit wobbly at the end, he stepped off to finish.  
Whew...thought there was an issue waiting to happen.

Do you ever just give your kids stuff and let them create?  
I think that sometimes it is better for them to figure things out on their own, then for us to present a pre-fabricated project for them. 

Now the boys have things to play with in the yard that they made..
and let me tell you...they're built to last! 

Thanks for dropping by! 

1 comment:

Christine said...

LOVE * LOVE* LOVE this!!!!!
What a fun and rewarding experience for them!
I like that you teaching your boys to be BOYS.