Monday 3 April 2017

Birdhouses and Swans

Hello!  I'd love to share with you some about a trip that I took with my kids to Swan Haven Interpretive Centre.  We drove out to Marsh Lake and joined in a project supplied by a local organization to build birdhouses.  The kids got to learn a bit about the houses, the kinds of birds that use them and where to place them.  At the interpretive centre they document many of the migratory birds as they come through the area, and also have more information on the birds that we can see locally.

When we arrived it was beautiful.  The kids went to the viewing deck and looked out the scopes that were there.  In the below picture they were at the top of the stairs heading to the beach.

Inside the Interpretive Centre there were some great magnetic boards with activities for the kids.  The first one is a board where they need to match the bird with the description of it.

Then there is this board that has the migratory pattern for the swans.  They spin the wheel and then move one of the swan pieces (the circles in the lower left of the map) up the rest stops (the orange dots) to Swan Haven.

There were little minnows in a tank.

Some stuffed birds with a backdrop of the area where they congregate.

After building our birdhouses and having lunch at one of the outdoor picnic tables, we trudged alone the shoreline trail.

I love the clouds that we saw.

At the end of the trail there were two red chairs that we took turns resting in. :)  The snow is starting to get really soft with the warmer temperatures and it made for a tough walk.  But well worth it.

On the way back we took pictures of a couple older buildings along the shore.

I love old buildings and wonder at the stories that could be told about what went on in and around them.   I love the old green boat in front of the above building.  Below is another building next to a huge gnarled tree.

Now for more clouds.  The clouds are just fascinating to watch, and as spring is now upon us, the clouds are also changing.

Thank you for dropping by!  It was a wonderful day full of enjoyment and learning.

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God's Grace Overflows said...

Sounds like a wonderful outing! We've been to a bird refuge here and it was all so very fascinating. It's fun learning and its the best!

I love all the old out buildings and stories that are attached to them as well. :)
Those clouds are beautiful! Very majestic!

The red chairs are so perfect to end your day! Looks inviting!

Hugs, Amy

Danielle Dunn said...

The walk was fun and so was the birdhouse building.

September Violets said...

What an interesting place to visit. I read an interesting fact recently that said swans and many other birds migrate both day and night. I never knew that. Looks like you're still locked in winter. Glad to hear things are warming up for you now though. We're getting hit with more snow this morning?! Not our usual springtime weather. Enjoy your weekend,