Monday 24 April 2017

Awaiting Outdoor Warmth

Hello!  Is your garden growing?  Mine is growing inside at the moment, awaiting the outdoor warmth before it can go outside.  The Lord has blessed me with having lots of big windows in this home.  

We have lots of tomato plants, five varieties.  Siberian (red), Yellow Perfection, Sungold, Orange Flamme, and Yellow Pear.  So we're kinda straying from the traditional kind this year. 

As you can see above some of them are starting to get flower heads on them already. They will be up potted one more time into the pot they'll stay in for the summer once they go outside.  Then I'll bury them as much as I can so their stems get a bit stronger and thicker.  

For now, there are plants on every available window sill. ~smiles~

I still have lots of plants vying for light in the one window.  On the top I planted lots of chamomile and so this year we will end up with a bit of a chamomile forest I think. lol 
We love chamomile tea so it's perfect!

Then there are marigolds, lavetara, baby's breath, prairie mallow, african violets, and calendula there, with the tomatoes getting the best place right against the window.  

On my desk, I have some more chamomile, marigolds, tomatoes and a violet.  Next to the desk there is a bunch of borage catching whatever light filters down there.  

In my room I've put the sunflowers that are bigger.  They're ornamental ones, so not big.  So cheerful to greet me in the morning! 

I also have a cucumber forest started in my downstairs hallway.  The zucchini are there with the mint as well.  

Thank you for checking out my garden. I'll leave you with a sweet little marigold that is just starting to break into bloom.  

Praying you have a lovely day! 



Andrea Ostapovitch said...

Oh, just look at that sweet, little marigold! Yes, I've started some too, and have been transplanting petunias for the past few days. I look forward to when it's warm enough to move them out to the greenhouse.
Happy Spring to you!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I only do direct sowing into soil now but it too is exhilarating as I watch for little sprouts to emerge and grow into something pretty or edible.
I'd love to try borage as the flowers are a dainty blue and would look nice in a salad but I've heard it seeds around terribly.
I picked up two trilliums (one red, one white) and a native coneflower today for a review of Home Hardware's plants and implements. Do you have this store in your province?

Danielle Dunn said...

Lol they are all over the house....but that's ok. :) They look nice and green. :)

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, It is so great that you do all this early planting so once it warms up outside you can plant these plants in your garden! We have a small greenhouse and the family just plants that! I drive right past the farms when I go to town so I usually stop for their stuff.
But I do usually plant some pumpkins!
Yet, I must say you have inspired me this morning. But they say we have a winter freeze coming this Saturday, those poor trees and flowers will be hit hard!
Blessings to you, dear friend!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Wow! That's quite a garden you have already started! I've never tried growing camomile - I might give it a try. I grow lavender and mint and dry those for tea but I need to look into other kinds to grow for tea. I read that you can make tea from Basil? Have you heard that? It's freezing here today -- I had to get my winter gear out of storage!! Yesterday I was wearing capris and flip flops. That's Chicago for you.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Wow! Your plants look awesome! The big windows the Lord blessed you with are certainly a wonderful way to get your plants started early! I love chamomile tea, what a great idea to grow your own! And that amazing sunflower sure looks very happy! Hugs to you today :)

Denise :) said...

You certainly have a green thumb! I love the smell of tomato plants. I miss that in RV living -- potted plants, that is. The window tinting doesn't make for good natural light for them. Plus, they're hard to carry around. I've thought about getting one of those plastic shoe hangers and using it to plant kitchen herbs -- and hanging it from our porch rail. Seeing all your pretty greenery inspires me! You sunflower is very sweet -- I adore them! :)

handmade by amalia said...

We are already enjoying the full warmth of spring and the garden is growing by leaps and bounds. Your plants look so healthy!