Friday 4 September 2015

Aprons and Doilies

Hello Friends!  I just love aprons and doilies and I've been making some of both lately.  I have been trying new patterns for the doilies and even though they're time consuming, they are very much worth the effort!   I love how the Lord Jesus has provided all the materials to make such fun projects!

This apron above was made from an old vintage curtain and I love the fall colours on it!  Plus I love quilts so this has more of a warm cozy feeling to me.  Perfect for doing some fall baking in. :)

Below is an apron that I made with some pastel colours.  It was soft and delicate and I hope it makes someone smile! :)  I made it out of an old dress I found and the colours were so delicate and lovely!  Below is a close up of the fabric.   The lace was given to me by a friend who found it at one of the local free stores and I thought it was the perfect match,  plus I used the same lace for the apron above.

I've made a few of these little coaster size doilies and they're very simple to make and can be used to decorate or sit a cup of tea on.  I made some in this butter yellow and also some variegated orange, but I forgot to take a picture of them.  I got the pattern from this youtube video HERE.  I used crochet thread, but yarn would make nice doily coasters to like in the video.

Next is a doily that I made and it's bigger than it looks in the picture.  It's very lacy and I love the frilly edge that it has.  For this one I used the YouTube tutorial HERE and it has three videos that are very detailed and helpful.  I used crochet thread, but yarn makes for a different feel.  I might use a smaller needle to make it tighter, but I did like the loose feel to the one I made.

Thanks for dropping by! I hope you have a beautiful day creating something lovely for those you love to!  


Natalie said...

Pretty!! You've been busy!!

Marlies said...

Very pretty, and thanks again for the beautiful apron!

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Vicki said...

you do beautiful work. :)