Monday 30 July 2012

Something New and Wonderful

Today I have something new and wonderful to share with you.  Awhile back my friend Sandy from Scribbles by Sandy sent me this incredible kit to make a scrapbook out of envelopes, and tons of great things to decorate it with!  I have added some of my own, but she gave me loads to work with!
So, this is what I've come up with.  It's still going to be filled with pictures of my family and little journaling to cheer my Mother-in-Law who lives far away.  It is a scrapbook with six "pages" with five folders each.  They are sandwiched in between the covers and looped together with those shiny silver "thingies".  Well, now for a look inside.  There are a lot of pictures, I hope you enjoy!

These are the front and back covers.  I used a stamp from Inkadinkado to fill in some of the empty space.  The ribbon tied off in a bow holding the tag with a stamp she sent with the set. (I'll show that later.) I added the edging because I somehow measured incorrectly and the pages were showing.  There was extra paper so I taped it together and punched sections for both covers.  

Here is the inside cover with alternating papers. 

This is a frontal pic of all the "pages".  There is one for each of my family.

These are for my girls.  I used a block letter stamp set to create their names and yes, I smudged the edges on purpose!  It's hard to see in this picture, but there are some butterflies and "stamps" stamped in gold on the green papers. For the flowers I just rolled up the petals and layered them.  Finishing them off with a rhinestone.  Plus a few buttons.

These are for my boys.  I made tags for them instead of flowers and inked feet on one and a hand on the other.  I love little feet and hands!!!  I also added  a flourish to them, that you will see on other pages.  
Here are the pages for my love and I.  I love the wonderful ribbon she sent with the kit and there was lots of it!  I wanted all the tags to have ribbons and as you can see, I alternated the different ones. 

Here is a sample of what the backs look like.  Each of them is similar, with various tags.  I stamped some of the tags with the same flourish I used on the cover.

Here is a side view of the book altogether.  See those ribbons sticking out the side?  There are even more wonderful pockets with tags tucked into them.  

Now here is a closer look of the tag on the front cover.  If you still have a hard time seeing it, just click on the picture to enlarge it.  It says I've been thinking of you today.  Since I think of  my sweet mother-in-law very often. Yes you read it right.  She and I get along just marvellously, so much so I think my husband is wondering if she likes me better than him! LOL I hope this will help her enjoy memories of the family across the distance.  
Well, if you're still with me after all this. I thank you! It has taken me a long time to get this far and I've enjoyed it all!  I'm so glad to be able to share this with you!  
I thank you all my wonderful followers who leave me comments and who just pop in to see what I've been up to! You are greatly appreciated and I think of you often to!
God Bless!


She's a Color Queen said...

This is so beautiful!

Tracy said...

I love all things mini so I think this is awesome. Bet your mother-in-law will too. Great job Jennifer! Beth you had so much fun you'll be making another one. LOL Hugs!

Grandma Bonnie said...

oh my, Jennifer..this is wonderful!

Debbie said...

This is beautiful!! What a lot of work but it makes a wonderful keepsake!!!

Trish and Treasure said...

Wonderful project and beautiful colours!!!

Sandy S said...

Oh my Jennifer! I finally got around (sorry, I've been swamped) to seeing the final ready-for-photos project! It turned out AWESOME! I'm glad you enjoyed the kit & added your own specials bitsies too! That makes it even more special!
Sandy S