Monday 13 March 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Washing Woollens and Greenhouse Maintenance


With the ups and downs of March
bring us the hope of spring and the still reality
of winter in all it's glory.

The need for our warm clothes 
but also the transitional time of layering.
This week I tried a new thing. 
I found this delightful wool sweater at our free store.
It needed a good wash but I've not ever washed anything 
quite like it. Our wool socks 
have some nylon so they just go in the washer
and then are hung to dry.
So my daughter picked up this SOAK from the yarn store.
I was so incredibly amazed at how it cleaned out 
so much dirt and smell without scrubbing.
It's almost dry enough for her to wear now.
I have found I do need to get a special dryer
that I can lay things flat on.

With the ups and downs of March 
the sunlight has started to become warmer
and last longer.
So...seeds are now planted in their trays,
set out in front of the windows to catch the warm rays.
I have a hard time waiting for germination
and the Lord is gracious and gives me a few little seedlings 
that pop up within a day or two to ease my tension. :) 
There are little chamomile, calendula, and comfrey seedlings.
The tomatoes and herbs will take a bit longer. 
This year I discovered some lovely new tomato seeds!
Sunrise Bumble Bee
Who could resist planting some of these?
Yes, I also bought a bunch more seeds. 
We'll have four different varieties of kale
and some more beans this year. 
I'm also trying to start some onions from seed
just to see how that goes.
So like every year--- some old, some new.

I discovered this beautiful painting by Chuck Black 
on his Facebook page.
He is one of my favourite artists 
and this painting reminds me of our little lake.
Serene and vibrant.
Dreaming of spring when the wildflowers
come out in full bloom and the water shimmers in the sunlight.
Well...because by that time there will be no moonlight.

I've been doing a bit of greenhouse maintenance.
There is a ton of snow on the roof.
The support beams we put up last fall are doing a good job
and I don't think we have anything to fear.
I still wanted to get a bit of the snow load off so that it'll melt faster 
and allow more light in so that I can start 
some gardening projects earlier.
This year I want to try growing peas and spinach in the greenhouse.
I saw in a gardening video where someone 
used bubble wrap to help insulate the plants from the cold
in little hoops. That I'd like to try.

For now there are millions of little frozen water droplets
that glisten on the ceiling. 

There is now less snow on the roof...
and I'll be getting a longer shovel handle to get more off.
Spring outdoor jobs.  
Soon snow needs to be moved away from the house 
to protect foundations as well.

Snow amazes me in how it can accumulate from such 
small perches. 
The little puff ball on the greenhouse door had
just a half inch of space from the door being just a tad ajar.
Then the moose antlers had it stretching out beyond the eves
as iff it was reaching for the light.

There are always good treats to eat
when coming in from the cold.
This past week there were carrot cake muffins.
SO yummy with or without icing.

So what keeps you busy in March? 
What kinds of things do you as we come to  this transition period?

I pray you have a blessed day! 

Love and Prayers,

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