Monday 19 April 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Touching the Soil


How is your homemaking day? 
The past few days here the sun has been warm 
and is melting away the snow. 
There are little patches of ground showing here and there 
just enough to enjoy some time in bare feet.

The plants have been loving the added sunshine. 
They are growing nicely and by the time it's 
warm enough for them to be outside they'll be ready.

Our cucumber and squash seeds are germinating and 
soon they'll be taking over the window space.
The warmth and brightness are so welcome to the plants 
as well as to ourselves.

The bright sunlight has also brought out more blossoms inside the house.
A cheerful addition to the room. 

Outside the garden beds are starting to show.  
Once the snow gets down a bit further 
I will cover them with some frost blankets 
to help them get ready for planting.
I'm looking forward to touching the soil.
May sound funny to some....
but there is something very special and satisfying 
about playing in the dirt.
Perhaps that is something that is just a special memory
from when I was a young child?
As I've gotten older I have learned that dirt isn't just dirt
but it's another whole amazing world the Lord Jesus 
has created. 
There is a lot of life in the soil.

I think soil..or dirt is such a big part of homemaking.
We garden in it, we wash it off our food, 
we wash it off our kids and ourselves.
We wash it off our floors and out of our clothing.
At times in the past I've been very put out about how much dirt there is.
Now....the Lord has given me another insight into it.
It's a part of our lives...not a problem. 
Just another aspect of the world God has placed us in.
Dirt means there is growth.
Dirt means there is life happening.
All a part of caring for our homes and our families.
Perhaps touching the soil...will make you smile.

Love and Prayers,


Linda Shukri said...

I love plants and planting and working with soil I just don't do as much as you do! Love your geranium!

Margie said...

Thank you for giving us the dirt on dirt!

We got some snow (2-4 cm?), but it melted pretty quickly!

Lauren at Wonderfully Made said...

How wonderful to see what's been buried all winter! Yes - I too love the dirt and everything that we see that was hidden for so long! Your observations about dirt -- exactly! I'll try to remember that when the dog tracks dirt in on my clean floor haha!