Monday 26 April 2021

Homemaking Mondays: From Seeds to Jars


I hope you are enjoying the day 
and all that comes with it.
Here it's a sunny spring day and the snow is 
continuing to melt outside.

Inside the seedlings are growing well.
They are loving the extra warmth from the sun
and I have started to take seedlings out to my sunroom 
so they can get some more light now that 
it's warm enough for them. 
It doesn't get direct light all day
but for a few hours it helps since it's more then
they get in the windows.
Plus it helps to harden them off
as it's much cooler out there then in the 
house against the windows.

I like to watch how things progress from seeds to jars.
The tomato seedlings are getting nice and tall. 
They will be up potted into bigger containers and then again
in a few weeks to their permanent ones.
Each time I plant them deeper in the soil so that the 
stems can put out more roots and grow a stronger plant. 

Once the plants produce then I'm going to be saving tomatoes
to make roasted tomato soup.
I just canned up some more this week as there was
a sale on tomatoes at the store. 
I look forward to having fresh ones from our garden.
Although especially the very first ones...
just go right into our mouths. 

This week has also been a week for making cards.
I'd like to share with you this one as 
it just makes me smile!
I made this for special friends.

Flowers in all shapes.
I checked the perennial flower bed.
The snow is now off of it and you can burrow your 
fingers about four inches down before hitting ice.
I'll be watering them with warm water...
and before long we should see some lovely little shoots.

Right now we have gardening on our minds as 
the house is full of extra plants. 
It's time to also clean out the freezer and can up the 
extra fruit that is still there. 
In a month we'll be eating fresh rhubarb.  
It is interesting to watch the journey of a plant. 
Each plant that the Lord has created has a purpose. 
Either for food or pleasure or both.

Praying you have a beautiful day! 

Love and Prayers,

1 comment:

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, Love the sunroom, you always work so hard getting your garden growing from seeds! And truly how smart that you clean out the freezer and can the fruits from last year! Your card is so pretty, I love to look at pretty cards like that and paint them with watercolor.
May you also have a blessed day!
Hugs, Roxy