Monday 14 December 2020

Homemaking Mondays: The Variation of Light


Good Morning to you! 
I love the way that the variation of light 
changes so quickly in the morning 
and then in the evening as the sun sets. 
Cloudy skies sure do make for the best colours.

Often I find myself just considering how the light changes
in the clouds, in the snow, in the trees.
God has created such beauty and
I sometimes consider that most will
miss those variations in nature as life's 
demands keep us moving so quickly.

Thinking of light.
Our community centre has a snow castle being built.
It needs some lighting in the darkness.
There are some glow sticks that were available through
the community centre but they are only one time use items.
So we have decided to create some ice candle holders.
We can place tea lights in them and they can be used 
on more then one occasion.
Below is our first one.  
We used a mushroom container for the base and then
 a grape juice jug (cut in half) for the holder part.
We put some evergreen 
branches in the ice and as it warms 
they will give off some nice scent.

It's so pretty when there is a candle in it.  
Like a fireplace in the forest.

This week I also put up some chopped up roast.
I had canned there is some canned beef.
Good for soup or a quick meal.
I'm finding the more time we are spending outside 
the less energy we have for meal prep.
So...I am especially thankful for these kinds of items 
tucked away in the pantry.

My younger daughter 
made some delightful sugar cookies this week.
They were pretty and tasted delicious!

With the variations of light.
It's amazing how the sun which is oh so slanted
at this time of year
lights up the evergreens so that they glow.
The boughs laden with snow on the outside 
giving concealment to the little birds 
that flutter in and out finding food.

The icicles hanging from the eves are also very pretty.
I was surprised the other day to see a chickadee 
fly up and land on one.
They do like to peer in the windows.
Perhaps it's their "people-vision"
and they find us entertaining? 

I took my children out for another ski yesterday afternoon.
It was later in the afternoon and the sun was going down. 
The light up through the clouds was beautiful
and as the light changed it was harder to see the snow under our skis.
A thoughtful neighbour made a skidoo trail for us through part of the forest 
so that we could meet the main trail. 

Attention to detail....
that is what I think of when I consider the variations 
of light that I see.
God is so specific....
in all things!  
May we read His Word 
and know His Truth!

Thanks for dropping by! 

Love and Prayers,


JES said...

I love having those jars in the pantry for quick meals too! More time to spend with family ❤️

Sister in the Mid-west said...

That ice candle holder is neat! This time of year the days are so short. Your talk of light made me think of John 1:4+5 "In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not."

Linda Shukri said...

Evergreens are my favorite kind of trees! Years ago I made candle lamps out of canning jars. Put a small layer of kitty litter (since that was the most available thing to use in my house other than trying to find or purchase sand) in the bottom and stuck a tea candle (real one) in the kitty litter. When I was up north I did this in New England and in Canada and placed the jars in the snow near the front door. Alas, on Prince Edward Island, they didn't work well - too much wind all the time and the candles blew out. When you don't use the jars for candles, you can dump the litter back into its box or the litter pan. :-) Even if someone didn't have a kitty, they could purchase a small bag of litter - clay or pine - and use it just for holding the candles.