Monday 19 October 2020

Homemaking Mondays: Fresh Spaces


I hope you are enjoying a lovely day
whether it be sunshine or rain or snow.

Today I'd like to share with you some of my fresh spaces.
This past week I received in the mail
a little essential oil diffuser my husband had ordered for me. 
It is so nice to have this little aid to help freshen up the air in the house. 
I usually cannot handle scents, but mild 
essential oils are ok. 
I like to add different combinations.
One of my favourite is black spruce with grapefruit. 
I like to add essential oils to my mop pail as well. 
It just helps to add that fresh space when it's clean.

To me fresh spaces are not always newly decorated or
arranged spaces. 
Sometimes it's just the addition of a fresh scent, 
or a fresh bloom on one of our indoor plants. 

This week we've been blessed with a few blooms 
from our geranium plants.
They grace the dining room window and add a 
cheerfulness to the space.

In the kitchen I have a bowl of little spider plant babies.
They are rooting to create future plants.
I've given one batch away and started another.
They add a freshness at the kitchen window. 

I am pulling out a couple of my winter throw blankets 
and switching them with my summer ones.
I think it is nice to have fresh spaces.  
Not that I am always changing things up...
but sometimes just noticing those little details 
that bring a freshness to a space. 

For me fresh spaces cause me to linger....
to take that extra moment to notice. 

In God's word I also find those fresh spaces. 
Those passages of scripture that I've read many times.
Somehow they have something new and fresh for me. 
God's word is alive and brings me pause...
to notice that fresh new truth I had somehow not 
noticed before. 

Take the time to pause...and pay attention. 
You may find some new fresh space
 you were missing all along.

Thank so much for dropping by! 
I just want to say thank you so very much
 to those of you who have left me sweet comments. 
I am sorry I am unable to respond to most of you. 
Just know I treasure them and the time you 
spend in leaving them.

Love and Prayers,


Margie said...

I like the idea of freshing up spaces with small changes.

I have a funny essential oils story. A few years ago, I had a new laundry and dryer set delivered to my basement. One of the workers thought he smelled a *gas* leak. Then we figured out that he was just smelling one of my essential oils. LOL.

JES said...

I was just sharing about the freshness of God's word to my daughter last night in the exact same way. Lovely and true! And the diffuser is such a fun addition to a home! :)

Sunshine Country said...

I love some essential oils also. My favorites to use when I am having trouble with congestion, are Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and R.C. I'm sure they would be nice for just freshening up a room also! One way that helps me make a room feel going through my things and getting rid of a few things if necessary. It's nice how adding a picture or curtains, or some other small thing can make such a difference.

I enjoyed your thoughts about God's Word as well. It is so true how a verse we've read over and over can suddenly seem so *new* when God blesses it to our heart. His Word is wonderful!

Sister in the Mid-west said...

Reading this post makes me want to set up my diffuser! :)
Sunshine Country was at my house last week. She helped me hang some family pictures. Having the pictures displayed on the wall makes my living room feel more fresh.
It is true that God's word never gets old. :) It is sweet and familiar, but also, new and refreshing!