Monday 20 July 2020

Homemaking Mondays: My New Kitchen Window

Today I would like to show you one of my new kitchen windows. 
The kitchen has two; 
one over the kitchen sink and one over the working counter.
It is a delightful window and it's bright and cheerful to work here. 
It looks out onto the front yard/ driveway. 
I can see people come and go,
I can see the birds and squirrels in the feeder below the window,
I can look out onto part of the garden,
and just enjoy the changes in the sky. 

On this window sill I put the gold pan my daughter painted for our family.
Then some little jars with flowers that I used in my wedding.
Added to this I found a couple pretty little blue and white pots. 
I clipped some spearmint and lemon balm to root and make new plants.

I love the two white pitchers we have and I use them to hold
out utensils that we use often.
I like to keep these close at hand by the stove. 
I also found this delightful plate. 

My Kitchen Prayer

 Bless my little kitchen, Lord.
I love it's every nook.
And bless me as I do my work,
Wash my pots and pans and cook.

May the meals that I prepare,
Be seasoned from above,
With Thy blessing and Thy grace,
But most of all Thy love.

As we partake of earthly food,
The table Thou hast spread.
We'll not forget to thank Thee Lord,
For all our daily bread.

So bless my little kitchen, Lord, 
And those who inter in;
May they find naught but joy and peace,
And happiness therein. 

I recently got this beautiful tea cup and saucer set.
It has a lovely handle and holds just the right amount of tea
for a quick tea break during the day.

I think it's so nice to have some bone china from England. 
Another something special to add to my tea cup collection.

I also put up my kitchen curtains that I had stashed away. 
Our last home it wasn't conducive to put them up and 
I'm happy to have them out again.

I have a my little pie hung, 
and a basket for my garlic and tomatoes.
These are the tomatoes that are left from when I made 
a batch of salsa. 
I learned to leave tomatoes out and not put them in the fridge.
They taste so much better that way!

We are settling into our new home nicely. 
Part of that settling process is to find just the right place for all the little things.
The pretty things and the practical.
I am in the process of setting up my sewing/craft area.
I'll share that with you all in a bit.

Thank you for joining me in the tour of my kitchen window. 
Praying you have a blessed day!

Love and Prayers,


Margie said...

I'm glad to see that you're settling into your new home nicely. The kitchen window is lovely!

I'm also admiring your new teacup. I've been ordering teas online, but I really miss treasure hunting for teacups at thrift stores! I know that I can also buy them on EBay, but the shipping costs are so prohibitive.

Sister in the Mid-west said...

Your kitchen looks so homey! Thank you for showing us around! :)

Sarah said...


What a treat to see how you are decorating your kitchen! The "Kitchen Prayer" plate is a real treasure. Your new teacup is lovely! I can just imagine you enjoying a cup of tea is your beautiful kitchen. : )