Monday 13 April 2020

Homemaking Mondays: The Joy of New Things

As spring is now upon us in the Yukon it cheers me 
with the joy of new things. 

Inside we've been starting new plants...
and more to be planted this week.
Our local community is planning for a bedding plant market,
and we're going to be starting some more plants for that. 

Above my daughter noticed today that there are little flowers starting
on our tomatoes.
Below we have some sunflowers starting to create flowers as well. 
Puts a smile on my face! 

With the snow starting to melt and the ground starting to show in spots
I feel a joy.  
One that is a promise of new things. 
Soon the pussy willows will start to bloom and 
the grass start to show green shoots amongst the open patches of ground. 

I do love winter... but I'm happy for spring!

With ever spring there is the sense of cleaning that has always 
come to me.  
Not just the washing of the house, but also of the purging. 
Of things that are no longer needful. 
I went through my yarn stash and pulled out some odd things 
that I no longer need or want.  
In the process I found some more cotton yarn. 
Some that had already been started into a washcloth...
and I finished up some. 
Then there is a stack of them that we're working on (the ladies and I)
for when we move.  
Sometimes it takes some planning to 
have the joy of something new. 

Praying you are all well and enjoying some of the 
joys of new things! 

Love and Prayers,


mamasmercantile said...

Such an uplifting post, always a joy to see new plants starting to push through the soil and buds forming on plants. Take care.

Sister in the Mid-west said...

Your plants are growing so well! They look fabulous. I really like your washcloths. Knitted washcloths made from cotton yarn are the best! Have a good week. I always look forward to your posts on Mondays. :)

living from glory to glory said...

Hello Dear Friend! It is so exciting to see new life... Spring is wonderful and even the work it takes to plant is so good for us! I bet your plants will do great with the head start they have. I have been raking in the yard and planning our garden also. Its always nice to have a project going even if its a small one. Still making the felt birds, tiny but so darn cute!
We need to catch up soon on email. I so often think of you and your family,
Kindred spirits I think xoxo
Hus, Roxy

Linda Shukri said...

I love the colors of your washcloths. :-)

As I'm a northerner now living in the south (SC), my springs come very early here. And the warm weather quickly turns hot, which is not the part I love. But that's what it is. I do enjoy having pansies on my porch railings since last November all the way until now. When it gets too hot here, then I'll have to change them out with flowers that can deal with the heat.This is my first time having pansies through the winter into spring so I don't know when they'll start wilting on me!

Thanks for your post! XO

Sunshine Country said...

I love seeing your plants! I'm still amazed at how healthy you are able to grow them indoors. I'm away from home for an extended visit with one of my sisters, but I just received some photos today of my plants I started before I left... they are looking rather poorly compared to yours, I'm afraid. I always have trouble getting them enough light.

Handmade washrags are always nice. I have knitted some myself - but have always ended up selling them or giving away as gifts. I need to set aside a few to keep for myself sometime. :)

Thank you for sharing!

Sarah said...

Hi Jennifer,

Your tomato plants look wonderful! My husband and I are looking forward to starting our garden. He has planted peas, which have begun to sprout.

I too enjoy knitting cotton washcloths. They make a nice gift with homemade soap. The colors you choose are always so lovely.

May you have a blessed day!


Margie said...

It feels great to purge items. Haven't done any spring decluttering yet though. I'm also excited to see the outdoor plants starting to grow.