Monday 2 September 2019

Homemaking Mondays: A Taste of History

Do you like things with a bit of history behind them? 
Above is a rocking chair that I was just given by my parents.  
It's had five generations sit and rock in it. 
It's not pristine...but well loved and it tells stories of 
those that have taken the time to use it.  

It now sits in my living room where I can sit and rock wrapped in my woolen blanket.
More stories to come in that sweet old rocking chair.

These are some sweet little flowers that cheer me when I go outside.  
Not sure what they're called, but they never cease to make me smile. 
It's colder outside but they still seem to keep flowering.

This past week my parents have been visiting with us.
They brought the fixings to make green tomato mincemeat.
It's my grandmother's recipe and it tastes oh so good! 
Our favourite way to eat this is in cookies! 
You can find the recipe HERE!

This week there was a little birdie that flew into one of our windows.  
Then it flew over and sat on the railing until it was feeling well enough
to fly off.  
Sweet little thing.

Thanks for dropping by! 
What homemaking have you been doing this week? 

Love and Prayers,


Andrea Ostapovitch said...

I have never heard of green tomato mincemeat, and even if I had, I don't think my first thought would be to put it in cookies! But I love unique combinations, so I'll bet it's just delicious.
For homemaking this week, I've been on a cleaning and organizing binge as well as processing corn. I've also been working on photos from this past year so that I can order them up and have them ready for when winter blows in. That's when I put my albums together. It's a great way to pass some of those long winter days (and nights).
It's just awful when little birds his the windows, but such a relief when they turn out to be okay!
Enjoy the rest of your week,

Sarah said...

Your afghan looks so pretty on the back of your chair. I enjoyed reading about the history of your chair, what a special piece to have in your home.

Is your recipe for green tomato mincemeat one that you would be willing to share? We have an abundance of green tomatoes in our garden and my husband loves mincemeat. I made a recipe I found on-line a while back, but it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped.

May you have a blessed day!