Monday 17 December 2018

Yarn Between My Fingers

I know I've been kind of quiet on here as of late.  
The year is coming to a close and there has been yarn between my fingers. 

As the world outside is reveling in idolatry, I like to stay out of it as much as possible. 
My children are taking a bit of a winter's break.
Snuggled into our warm home we are finding things to keep ourselves busy with. 

So...I've been doing some new  yarn things.  
Above I learned to knit a cowl.  I love the stockinette stitch. 
I used a set of circular needles for this and put a rib of knit/pearl rows on each end.  
I used some soft Bernat yarn and it will be cozy for someone.

This set of scarves that I crocheted were very quick and easy.  
I looked all over for patterns and let me tell you...there is no end of them!  
I finally decided to just choose a couple different stitches.  
So each scarf has a set repeating rows.  
One row half double crochet, then one row of half double crochet cross stitches.  
I didn't add any fringes since I'm not very competent at that...and they are still nice. 

 Lastly, I made this double v-stitch crocheted scarf. 
I used up the last of three balls of purple yarn I had. 

Now...what will be next?  
Do you have yarn between your fingers?  
What are you making? 

Love and Prayers,


Danielle Dunn said...

Pretty scarves!!! :)

Christine said...

I really admire anyone who can knit. I've tried and it's just not for me. (My hands get to dry.)
I have material between my fingers. I like to sew.