Monday 3 December 2018

Winter Is Settling In

Winter is settling in at last.  It's been so unseasonably warm that it's been quite the adjustment.  
Now it's sitting around -10C.  
There is not a lot of snow, but the trees are all frosty with some snow and look amazing!  

The wood stove is piping hot with a kettle of hot water on top for tea at a moments notice. 

I have taken on the challenge of learning to knit socks, and thus far it's going well.  
I have yet to make it to the heel yet...I might need lots of help with that. :)

We had a little birdie friend join us for a few hours as she recuperated from  hitting one of our windows.  We named her Ladybird. 
The first time we tried to let her go, she wouldn't leave my back in the cage she went. 
The next time she was happy to be free again. Joined by her friends, they left for the night.

The sun came out for a visit this past Friday.  It was a stunning day as the sunlight glinted off the snow and the blue sky was immense. 

The grasses were adorned with lovely frosty snow.

My children joined some other homeschoolers for a try at kick sledding. 
They had a wonderful time.  They stuck closely to the trail that had been laid out for them. 
Not a lot of snow, but they still did well.
All until the last round around through the trees.  
My older son was pushing my younger daughter and they went off the trail.
She bailed, and he hit the stump and somersaulted kicking her in the face.
She had to be taken to the hospital to make sure her nose wasn't broken. 
It wasn't, but she is sporting a nice bruise. 

 Winter is such a nice time to snuggle down in the darker light and enjoy the warmth of home. 
I hope you are enjoying your winter time! 

Love and Prayers,


Christine said...

Kick sledding, never heard of this activity. Glad to hear your daughter is fine. Scary moment, I’m sure!
Oh, what a darling story about the adorable bird!!

mamasmercantile said...

Those Wintery scenes look like picture postcards, I know the reality is not usually as good. Glad to hear there were no broken bones.

Danielle Dunn said...

Glad her nose isn't broken, but I was pretty sure it was because it was so crooked. Oh well, another experience of the dangers of winter games :)

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

My goodness . . . I'm glad your daughter's nose wasn't broken! Kids lol! It's been unseasonably COLD here in the Midwest! January temps and FOUR snowfalls in November! That pretty little bird! How fun to be able to nurse her until she was ready to leave!